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Electric Car Companies in Trouble?

We're all waiting patiently for some real electric vehicles. I'm standing by my '98 Nissan Sentra until I can find something I can afford that doesn't require gasoline. But the credit crunch, it seems, may get in the way of viagra england my desires.

Zap Motorcars (which has never delivered on very many promises) recently had to stop building its manufacturing plant in Kentucky. They said the cause was GE Capital changing its mind about buying Zap's bonds. It turns out that GE Capital never promised to buy the bonds, just expressed some interest.

Tesla Motors, the creator of the $100,000 and two-years-late Tesla Roadster says that it wants a piece of the auto-industry bailout...$400,000,000 worth, actually. Frankly, that's ridiculous. Some people are pointing out that the money might go to their cheaper (currently indefinitely delayed) Model-S. But Randall Stross of the New York Times just ripped Tesla a new one in a column. His argument is that the tax payers probably shouldn't subsidize cute toys for the uber-wealthy. We tend to buying cheap viagra pill agree with him. Tesla, for its part, says it doesn't technically NEED the money...they just think they deserve it...since they're so cool and all.

Last on the levitra info list is probably the worst news of all. It looks like UK EV company NICE Cars is going out of business. The company makes small vehicles for local driving and it looks like the company couldn't last for a few reasons. First, London's backtrack on allowing free parking for EVs. But primarily, the economic situation throughout the world has plunged car purchases, and NICE, with relatively tiny sales numbers anyhow, couldn't handle the drop in income. We're not sure where the company, and its plans for several new and better vehicles will go from here.

So it isn't just the big three that are getting hammered...though I have to say, it will only be the big three who get bailed out. Electric cars, it seems, might be postponed for a little while.

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What about electric conversions?
written by Roland, December 04, 2008
Given that it will take the entire US about 12 years to replace their current gas guzzlers with electrics, maybe you and everyone else should keep our current cars and get them converted to electric. It's bound to be cheaper for people than buying a new car. It would be better for the environment, since it would save a lot of car bodies from ending up in landfills; and it might even make the conversion to electric cars go faster than the 12 years it would take for the car companies to become economically stable, convert their factories to make electric cars, and attract buyers. What do you think?
written by EV, December 04, 2008
It'd be difficult. You'd have to rip out the engine, gas tank, driver train and a whole host of how to get some viagra other things before you could even put the electric stuff in. Energy wise, it's probably cheaper to just junk/recycle the old car and wow it's great how to get levitra in canada build the new ones from scratch. Remember, you have to undo a lot of welding and other things that weren't made for the new equipment.

they just think they deserve it

When ever anyone says they 'deserve' something, I am automatically skeptical of it. 'Deserve' seems to be a word people who believe the world owes them something use. 'Earned', I am much less skeptical towards.
written by Mark Kiernan, December 05, 2008
I think 2010 will be a good year for electric cars. I don't understand why people are saying this is a bad year, there are no electric cars available.
written by Erica, December 05, 2008
Maybe one day...
written by Tim, December 05, 2008

It isn't that difficult to do a conversion. Have a look around . Although I do agree, in the long run it would be cheaper to recycle the old and build new from scratch; the new chassis could then be optimized for electric drive.
Make it positive
written by Yoshi, December 05, 2008
Congress should bail out the auto industry... with the requirement that all their vehicles must have a minimum MPG of 35-40 by 2011, or so. It would be worth it to give them the money since it would create a huge offset in the amount of money sent overseas (which would instead be earned by utility companies here).
How about Eletric Scooters The New "NIKO
written by DR. EDSON AN DRE' JOHNSON D.D.ULC, December 05, 2008
Yes, dont beleive Tesla motors deserves a bailout! They should start making cheaper Eletric cars! But what about El;etric scooters for intown shopping.The new "NIKOLA" (named after NIKOLA,Tesla?)
Please check your facts
written by Alex Campbell, December 05, 2008
Mr. Green:

Please check your facts. Integrity Manufacturing of Kentucky has proposed a factory to build electric vehicles for ZAP. ZAP currently manufactures vehicles under various business models in the US, China and So America. ZAP posted record Xebra shipments last quarter, is hiring, and a dealership opened today in San Jose selling ZAP cars and trucks.

~ Alex Campbell, ZAP Communications, 707-525-8658 x 241
Screw 'em
written by Forest Dweller, December 06, 2008
Yeah, I'd really hate to canadian health care pharmacy order viagra see that $400 million in bailout cash for a luxury goods manufacturer going to lesser causes such as renewable energy research or helping cash-strapped teachers buy materials for their classrooms. Long live the robber barons and their insatiable greed.
EV Companies should be bailed out as wel
written by Nirali, December 08, 2008
At least what they are doing is fresh, innovative and good for the environment.

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