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DEC 09

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"The numbers listed above are still a very small overall commitment com..."

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Enterprise Greens Their Fleet

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is doing their best to become the greenest rental car company. They've just added 100 more hybrids to their fleet at the Denver International Airport, bringing their hybrid total to 2,000. They're not stopping there though; they want to increase that number to 7,000.

Just in time for the holiday travel season, drivers can rent hybrids at 26 locations in the country, and for only $10 more than a similar standard car. Outside of hybrids, the company claims they have the largest fleet of fuel efficient cars, with 440,000 achieving 28 mpg or better. Additionally, the company offers eight E85/FlexFuel Sites where 30 percent of the cars can run on the ethanol blend.

It's great to see a company responding to the growing demand for fuel-efficient and hybrid options. It seems like this should be a pretty profitable investment on their part.

If you're one of the many people who will be booking a rental car in a couple of 50mg levitra retail price weeks and you want to ensure you''ll have some eco-conscious options, Enterprise may be a good bet.

via Green Car Advisor

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Enterprise WeCar
written by Evan, December 10, 2008
I am a student at Washington University and St. Louis, and since last year, the school has partnered with Enterprise to offer a hybrid car-sharing program. There at least 10 Priuses and Escapes parked at various locations all over campus. It makes perfect sense for college students, who really only need a car on rare occasions. Point is, I've been very pleased with the wow it's great indian levitra generic measures Enterprise is taking.
Still a small commitment
written by David Heatherly, December 11, 2008
The numbers listed above are still a very small overall commitment compared to their total numbers. In Southern California alone they have over 50,000 cars in fleet, so even if all of the cars were concentrated in this area it would only represent less than 10% on that fleet.

In their defense however I am sure they would like to purchase more of these vehicles, but they just aren't available in the sheer numbers required.

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