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JAN 11

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"I see a very big success of Honda Insight in terms of its global marke..."

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Honda Insight Tops 60 MPG in Test Drive

The 2010 Honda Insight, $20,000 hybrid based on the styling of Honda's hydrogen powered FCX Clarity has just gone on it's first test drive and, with a careful, efficiency-minded driver, came in at just above 63 mpg (without the air conditioning on.)

A sportier drive, with less of an eye toward efficiency had the car driving at 52 miles per gallon.

The Insight is smaller than the Prius, but only by a few inches in height, width and tramadol for sale length. And it looks like it will get similar efficiency numbers. But the real story is the viagra for cheap price. While Toyota will be keeping the Prius around the same price point, and Chevy's Volt will be in the mid 30's, Honda is aiming to get this car in at below $20,000, possibly with a base price as low as $18.5. This opens the door to a huge market, here in the U.S. and internationally. Honda hopes to sell 200,000 of them in the first year.

Check out the full review of Sam's first drive over at AutoBlogGreen...we'll have more info on the Insight after it's official unveiling here at the Detroit Auto Show.

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comparable MPG
written by Clinch, January 11, 2009
How are MPG usually calculated?
From driving as efficiently as possible, or from just driving normally?
Basically, which figure should be used to compare to tramadol 20 mg tablets the generic cialis 10 mg without prescription MPG of other cars, the 63MPG, or the 52MPG?
Affordable Sustainability
written by Global Patriot, January 11, 2009
While there is a market for hybrids with premium prices, the only way we can achieve widespread adoption is by offering such cars to those with modest incomes. Hopefully this will become a trend among automakers and the public will have a wide choice of online viagra prescription cars in this range.
written by smith, January 11, 2009
Ok in 2008 they chenged the way they test cars, If u recall the first hybrids that came out had 65MPG butthen for some reason you stoped seeing that and started seeing top of 35MPG. The new test adds in constent stoping and slowing down, speeding up, and different condithions. it's close to what you will get but its more like 58MPG top rather than 63 like they are saying.
cool car! What else can it do?
written by bobbobberson, January 11, 2009
I bet honda designed this car to be so enviromentally friendly that is can run over squirrels and not kill them. I want to buy one.
No better than before
written by kenny beauhrt, January 11, 2009
I'd not publish unofficial, company sponsored milesages for cars. Until the car is look there buy cialis professional subjected to standardized testing, say nothing.
Honda still building gas guzzlers
written by jack perkins, January 11, 2009
Honda is ignoring electric drive and living in the past. Their senile execs even refuse to admit that electric cars save oil. Honda sucks.
Sexy Car
written by Tom Kirkham, January 11, 2009
If it stays true to cialis 30 mg the picture, then this care will sell on looks alone. The Prius is distinctive, but not nearly as good looking as this.
written by Tracy, January 11, 2009
I so want one. I am a honda fan, and really wanted an insight, but needed a 4 seater. I think this will go nicely in the garage next to the prius my husband drives!
Impressive MPG
written by HankSmith, January 12, 2009
And great price - great work honda!
written by MPG'er, January 12, 2009
Dealers will jack up the price above MSRP.
So don't believe you can get it under $20
written by zeiter, January 12, 2009
Three Japanese car makers decided for years to revolutionize main stream cars in global market (Asia, Europe and America). With the new Honda Insight II, the 3rd generation Toyota Prius and it's great! soft tab cialis the last Lexus hybrid HS250h consumers have now a real opportunity to “save the planet” and have a great value with the latest hybrid technology. For more look at
written by Lily, January 13, 2009
The original Insights got 70 mpg, sometimes more. What has changed in this car to reduce the mpg?
written by Al, January 13, 2009
Awesome looking car. I am considering the new 2010 Prius and now the new Honda Insight. I've seen the new pix of the re-designed Toyota Prius and disappointed it's practically same design with minor headlight/tailight facelift. This new Honda Insight has me edging toward it...not to mention the lower price and more aggressive styling. My decision will come upon actual test drive. First impression...can't complain on the design, mpg , and proposed price.
written by beernik, January 15, 2009
I've been reading a lot of articles this week. EPA mileage estimates will be around 43 mpg. People who drove it intentionally aggressively averaged close to this. People who drove it "like they normally drive" got around 53 - 55 mpg. People who used the ECON button and hypermiled were easily getting between 63 - 69 mpg and one guy was in the 70s.

And what changed to reduce the mileage: its a 4-5 seater not a 2 seater.
Wish it was a plug-in hybrid
written by Robert J Berger, January 18, 2009
My lease is almost up on my Lexus R400h hybrid (my second hybrid after the first generation Prius) For my next car, I want a plug-in hybrid. My lease is up in May...
written by Bennetttt, January 18, 2009
I hate the coupe back design. Don't like cars with ugly rear ends.
I'd like a fuel efficient that doesn't look like a fuel efficient car.
Craigslist Story Take a look
written by Dmobile, January 18, 2009

Please take some time to view my story
written by Kris, January 19, 2009
Why are we wasting our money on throw away cars?
These electronic headaches are gonna bite us in the butt! 55+ mpg is nothing new, In 1984 I bought a VW Jetta TurboDiesel that got 55+ mpg and went 300,000 miles w/very little maint. WITHOUT your over complicated Electronic crap! K.I.S.S.
This Hybrid/E85 is all a pipe dream, If VW could bring the bluetec Polo here, Your Prius' and Insights would sit on the lot collecting dust.
Thank You, EPA for not allowing us to follow link canadian healthcare buy truly Fuel, and earth friendly cars.
Rebuildable Cars Coming, Detriot Iron Go
written by Uncle B, February 14, 2009
Reality speaks louder than words here . . . OPEC by consistently raising oil prices by cutting production, to cushion, and save their own asses, are forcing freight back to the rails, Closing GM and its Humburbans and Subscalades, and promoting Yaris, Honda, VW and Smart cars. Given built in planned obsolescence and the current rising oil price threat from OPEC and the Saudis, our highways will be transport truck-free and "Big vehicle" free, in general, in about four or five years! I look forward to my totally re-buildable, exchangable parts, three wheeler, carbon fiber bodied, polymer composite re-enforced for lighter weight, bio-turbo H2 boosted diesel/electric plug-in super commuter car. I expect to cruise at 140 kph (80 mph) and get 100+ mpg for a mortgage busting, life-style enhancing, boost to my budget - no Hummburbans in sight, no transport trucks left on the roads, and all big cars reduced to chipped, hardened paint, rusting piles of over-cured sun eaten rubber and generic online viagra glass! I will no longer be enslaved and over-taxed by big oil, or big steel - Make way for an Eco-happy 21st century!Honda, You still have some changes to make, but you are migrating in the right direction!
Let my older car rot?
written by Joel, March 29, 2009
Is it better for the environment to buy this new can and then let my other car sit and rust. If i sell it, am I not just passing the purchasing levitra buck to someone else. Maybe then having it exported to a Nation where they don't and will never care if it passes any environmental exhaust testing? Is newer always better? Or should i just let the older, say 2005 model year car sit and rot, throwing all my money away with it. I mean I bought this car four years ago thinking that it was better than the 2000 model year vehicle I had before that. Are we not just pawns is this game and being used by the auto makers and government to spend or money instead on saving it or investing in a future for ourselves. If we demand better will the government and big business not have to improve on what is offered to us? will this ever end? I love my year 2005 vehicle. Is this new car a staion wagon? or is it all wheel drive? Can it fit all of my stuff? Do I then need to buy a truck or SUV to handle my family when we are doing more than driving around town? I saw the add for a hybrid Caddie SUV, an amazing 20mpg for the SUV the size of a camper. And it costs over 50 thousand. What to generic viagra online canadian pharmacy do?
written by R.J., May 27, 2010
I see a very big success of Honda Insight in terms of its global marketing. The efficiency of the car while having the affordable value will certainly gives an outrageous sales to the company. I think this will initiate the development of much affordable cars with great quality by manufacturing companies. Its certainly a good start for Honda...

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