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JAN 11

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"At last, a small gas sipper from a domestic automaker. But, is it real..."

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Chevy to Bring Spark Micro Car to the cialis generic canada U.S. in 2010

Last year Chevy asked the world to choose the most attractive of three microcar concepts. Over two-million people voted for the Chevy Beat, making it the winner by a substantial margin. Now, Chevy is promising to produce the Beat, but they're giving it an old Chevy name, the Spark.

The Spark is a microcar currently sold in markets including India and visit our site cheap fast viagra South America, but this new car has pretty much nothing to do with it. It takes all it's styling for the Beat and, unlike the Spark, will actually be sold in North America. Originally, the triplet of concept cars was not meant for the American market.

But, apparently, the market has changed enough (and it has certainly changed) that pretty much the cheap levitra online prescription whole world will be able to buy one.

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written by Clinch, January 11, 2009
Personally, I would have voted for Ron (Re-Open Nominations), because none of their 3 options look that good, they look too blocky, and not streamlined enough, but this one does look much better than the ones that looked like a mini-SUV, and a mini-van.
Original Concept?
written by Schneidz, January 11, 2009
To me it just look like Chevy squished the Toyota Matrix and just put there own badge on it, maybe that's just me
written by Bill, January 11, 2009
Go ahead and buy those foreign. It'll be funny to see you lose your job. LOL
written by Johann Pistorius, January 22, 2009
What the WHOLE WORLD need now is not a fancy electric car. We need an electric motor and batteries to fit in our existing cars, trucks and busses. Anyone out there that REALLY wants to make money, and help those that can not afford electric cars?
Author: "Mini And Microcars, Yesterday,... Today... and Tomorrow."
written by John Shanton, July 03, 2010
At last, a small gas sipper from a domestic automaker. But, is it really American-made, and built to stand up to the abuse of our "gas-and-go" driving style? From the looks of it, inspite of similar drugs to tramadol its perky sheet metal, I tend to feel that it will suffer the same fate as the Geo Metros.

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