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Detroit Tour, Part 1: General Motors

Part one of a tour of only today online order levitra the Detroit Auto Show. Tomorrow we'll be hitting up Toyota and Honda, and then in parts three and four you'll see news from Ford, Chrysler, BYD, Fisker, Tesla, VW, Mercedes and more!

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written by j, January 12, 2009
ugh, I'm so jealous that you get to see a tesla~

I might hit the auto show up, though :]
Dear Hank...
written by Sarah, January 12, 2009
As a Nerdfighter who is also a Michigander, I'd like to apologize for our very strange and unpredictable weather. Also-very excited to online overnight tramadol see the rest of the Auto Show. It's been a long time since I've gotten to go myself so it's good to be updated on all of the cool technologies that may or may not be in existence sometime next year.


P.S.-If you get the best viagra price chance, try out one of my 2 favorite restaurants: New Hellas Cafe in Greektown (order the saginaki opa) and Xochimilco's in Mexicantown. Enjoy!
written by L, January 12, 2009
What a douche.
written by EDDnorris, January 12, 2009
I've been waiting for toyota's website to update the new Prius where they have a count down which was supposed to release today... HELP ME HANK! show me the future!

Keep making these videos!
written by JoakimE, January 12, 2009
Ignore the negative people, keep making these videos!
written by Clinch, January 12, 2009
Feeling slightly dizzy after that, and perhaps have the camera on some of the cars, rather than pointing at your face all the time.

I'm also disappointed that there was no mention of meat and gravy, after some of other recent articles.
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written by bizimlesohbet, January 12, 2009
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written by aCoreyJ, January 12, 2009
An electric 2010 Camaro would be epic, man that thing is cheap 25mg cialis sexy
written by Elepski, January 12, 2009
I would like to see the hummer in and EV or Hydrogen... like all the hype from that prototype. I am not a fan of the hummer H2 and it's retarded brother the buy cialis delived next day H3.. but large utility vehicles have there place and wow it's great buy generic levitra online wishing them gone is selfish. Same goes for the larger SUVs too... if you have a whole gaggle of kids.. and need a 9 seat SUV... so be it... the problems only exist in the drivetrain type.. not the vehicles themselves.
written by Holly, January 12, 2009
I also apologize for Michigan's unpredictable weather.
Just be glad you don't live here. ;)
General Info
written by Matthew O. [UnconditionallyUsed], January 12, 2009
First, thanks for covering the auto show. It is very positive to hear details of the show from your eco conscience viewpoint. I have been enjoying the rss feed throughout the day on my phone.

Secondly, get ready for more snow because it is coming tonight! -ugh I keep tossing around regarding what resource could MI use to create energy. I suggest snow since it sure would be nice to have more of a useful purpose besides shoveling and making the levitra order area look nicer.

I had to skip giving you questions to ask as I would be biased.For example, would like to know his thoughts on the breakdown of GM loyalty. Both sides of my family have long histories working at GM and it comes to me who finally has to say, "what else is out there?" Thankfully, I like the Ford Escape so I will be interested in what their 2010 model brings.

Alright since someone stated food, I have to recommend that you try National Coney Island. It is one of the reasons MI ranks high in obesity, yet MI does have one of the highest standards for hot dogs. I have always been so proud to say that about MI :S Alright, perhaps try the other places since Greek Town normally has good food.

Nerdfighters forever!
Bitchin Camaro
written by David, January 13, 2009
Nice report and impressive camera skillz.

Is Subaru there?

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