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FEB 12

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"Does the company deserve a $350m loan? The answer to that is in an o..."

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Want To See A Picture of the New Model S?

Well, too bad. You only get a teaser. Still, the bits of wheels and we like it no prescription headlights peeking through the tantalizing cover hint at sleekness and style. If it is cut from the same cloth as the generic levitra from india Roadster, we can be pretty sure it will look good. The bigger question is – will Tesla be around long enough for us to see it?

Have no fear, says CEO Elon Musk, Tesla is doing just fine. He says the company expects to have a prototype of the Model S ready by March, the company will start turning a profit on the Roadster in mid-2009, and production of the Model S can proceed in 2011.

It also looks like Tesla will receive about $350 million from the DOE. Although the request has not passed the last stage of approval, if they are able to the best choice buy kamagra seal the deal the cash will start coming in over the discount viagra india next couple months. That, combined with an additional $40 million from investors, should be enough to keep things going on schedule. It looks like they are going to make it.

My question is – do they deserve it? I have nothing against the Tesla Roadster – it is the poster child of electric vehicles. The Roadster’s performance is enough to silence anyone who questions whether an EV can deliver a solid drive. It’s a fantastic car. The only problem is indian viagra that Tesla keeps draining cash out of just try! order viagra pill its customers to keep the business afloat – they raise the price (which is now over six figures), start charging more for features that originally came standard, and keep asking more from investors. And yet there is still a waiting list for Roadsters through November.

So should Tesla really be getting $350 million in DOE money? Until the Model S comes out, they are simply building toys for the rich, not the average American. And the Model S itself is supposed to be half the price of the Roadster, so what does that mean - $50,000? Now you’re talking about a car for the upper-upper-middle class, but still far beyond the means of the average American.

One thing, it seems, that the DOE likes about Tesla is the fact that they build good electric drivetrains, and are in the process of building them for other auto manufacturers, like Daimler. If Tesla can help other EV manufacturers make better cars, I’m all for it. Maybe the $350 million should go primarily into ramping up that process. I just would like some reassurance that DOE money is going towards the buy viagra germany canadian meds greater good, and not just bailing out a luxury car company which already has plenty of eager customers.

Via Treehugger, Earth2Tech, AP

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Bring on the affordable EV!
written by Gregg, February 12, 2009
I still don't understand why we don't have a resonable priced all EV car, not just and NEV. You can take a pre-crash tested and approved body, strip out the gas-engine, and stick reliable EV parts.

Motor - $2000
Controller - $2000
Batteries - $6000 (Lithium for 100+ miles)
Other stuff - $2000

that is $12,000 in parts at RETAIL ... if you figure on discounts for a purchase of 1000+ orders you can reasonably expect a cost of around less than 8K, add to that a cheap base car cost of 4k and you sell it at 16,000 to 18,500 that will give the seller a profit of 4 to 6.5 grand! Which is better than the loss the Volt is doing.
rich, or no, still awesome
written by Roy, February 12, 2009
If you want EV to go mainstream, you have to make it SEXY first. That's why the roadster is we choice drug generic levitra going to be more significant than any souped-up golf carts I could afford.

After that, THEN you try to bring the prices down for the rest of us. It's a societal and financial pattern that they're working within, and I think they're right (even if it means I don't get one yet).
failure to build
written by bill, February 12, 2009
Telsa's problem is they simply appear to be unable to build cars at more than a slow trickle. They have a long waiting list of customers who want to buy their expensive cars, but Tesla does not seem to be able to build them.
Bring on the affordable EV?
written by Tony, February 12, 2009
$6000 in lithium batteries = 12kWh at todays lowest prices.
Your batteries will die quickly if you take them down to 0 so
you dont have 12kWH of usable energy, you have 9.6kWh (80%
depth of discharge is common for lithium). At 250Wh / mi,
which is what a small car might be able to get, thats 40 miles
not 100.

Buying batteries in bulk will not give you a discount, $500/kWh is
the bulk price, and thats for cheaper Chinese LiFePO4 batteries, which
can't always pump out enough juice to drive impressively.

So 100 miles of range would take 30kWh and cost $15k then. Now your car doesn't seem so cheap.... and the how to get viagra no prescription car will have put on quite a bit of weight! 100 Wh/kg is what the LiFePO's generally give you which works out to 300kg and probably impacting the Wh/mile from all that weight as well.

So you think the rest of the car is only $4k?? And anyone would buy it??
You'd have to get a very light and aerodynamic, custom designed chassis just to hold half a tonne or more batteries and good choice best price cialis online still have trunk room and decent weight balance.

Cheers to Tesla for figuring out how to put an electric car in peoples hands. I'm sure more and more affordable cars will come out in time. Its
just not stupidly easy to do.
written by Gregg, February 13, 2009
Don't get me wrong, I love the Tesla, but the possibility of an EV that is cheap is real.

RE: Batteries - 6k can be around 17,150KW (.35cents for each watt hour, yes this price has been seen) So at 250wh/m you get 68.5 miles .... ok I will revise to real cialis without prescription a range of 100+km, but 68 miles (is still a lot). You don't think a purchase of 1000+ batteries can yeild a discount, especially given todays economy? People are REALLY wanting to do business, and if you have the cash, they are ready to make deals.

RE: 4k 'glider' car ... I'm not saying this car is going to be a Masaratti, but it will be just a normal car (you know the usefull link canadian online pharmacy cialis real kind everybody drives even if they think the Tesla is friggin' awesome). I can think of the Nissan Sentra I use to drive, a 96 model. The car wasn't the coolest looking, but it worked well and was fun to drive ... the base of the car surly can be made for 4k, but I'm no expert, so if someone who really is can tell me different, please do.

So that is why I think the practical EV can be had for under 12,000. I love the Tesla and if I could afford one I would have one, but since i don't, I think to a time when I can afford a reasonably priced EV.
written by Roy, February 13, 2009
Gregg: that depends on your requirements. If you're in-town commuting, there are a ton of options. Those "souped-up golf carts" I mentioned are out there, and are perfectly viable. Four seats, a little trunk (well, ice chest) on the back, street legal, awesome.

My commute is a sadly unavoidable (for now) 35 miles, on freeways, so it wouldn't work for me, but if you live and work in the same town, then there's no excuse! You could have your very own EV tomorrow for about seven or eight grand. It won't have doors, but beggars can't be choosers.
Do they deserve it? That isnt the questi
written by Scott, February 14, 2009
Do they deserve the DOE loans? They're loans. They have to pay it back! They'll be spending the money to better the world and take part in making EV technology mainstream. It can only be a good thing :)
written by ed sanders, February 15, 2009
Does the company deserve a $350m loan?

The answer to that is in an old economics saw:

The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed.

My point is, if this technology needs a boost from the government to i use it cialis online in canada mature, then boost away.

If LED lighting were subsidized would it be adopted faster? Would that be better for both the country and cialis professional indian the planet?

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