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MAR 13

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"EcoFreak, Rubbish! Here in the UK I get my electricity from ecotricit..."

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Pininfarina Wisely Renames Its EV

When we told you in October about Pininfarina’s planned new electric vehicle, everything sounded great except for the name: the B0. It’s B-Zero, we explained. The Zero stands for “zero emissions”, since the car is electric, you see. No, no, it’s not “BO”, though that is pretty funny.

In other words, when this blogger read that Pininfarina had renamed its darling the “Bluecar”, he was much relieved. Because Pininfarina is making some exciting claims about the new technology; technology which doesn’t deserve to be stuck with a name like B0. Technology like the lithium polymer battery pack, which will boast a range of cialis online shop 150 miles on a full charge, and 20 miles on a several-minute charge. Technology like an ultracapacitor which will relieve the battery of some of its load, and extend its life. Technology like rooftop solar panels.

As Shakespeare would say, an EV by any other name would drive as well (and save as much gasoline). Nonetheless, I applaud the newly named Bluecar and cialis for sale eagerly await its market debut.

Via Treehugger

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Bluecar isn't much better
written by Andrew, March 13, 2009
Now I expect a vehicle that swears constantly.
Electrical Engineer
written by Erlan Romero, March 13, 2009
Interesting but look at our own backyard Phoenix Motorcars (, they have 2 types of cars, and suv and a pickup "Introducing the all-new sport utility truck (SUT) from Phoenix Motorcars. The four-passenger, advanced battery electric, zero-emission SUT that can travel at freeway speed. Equipped with a revolutionary lithium titanate battery, this SUT will travel over 100 miles on a single 10-minute charge.* Designed with a sophisticated chassis and regenerative braking, this fully electric vehicle is not only powerful, it’s practical and really cool."
What about BlueStreak?
written by SolarLad, March 13, 2009
"Check out the new BlueStreak. You'll swear up and down it's the best electric car you've ever driven."
"Zero Emission" is a farce!
written by EcoFreak, March 13, 2009
This is foolish! Can't everyone stop saying "ZERO EMISSION". This car must be charged somehow, and last I checked most of the power in the world still comes from fossil fuels. There is no such thing as a zero emission vehicle, period.
written by Mark Spence, March 14, 2009

Rubbish! Here in the UK I get my electricity from ecotricity. The supplier is non-profit (acts as a cooperative) and invests all electricity payments in additional renewable energy! So clean car and investment in clean fuel. Is that not a virtuous cycle?

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