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"I think the whole VW vans rule idea is way exaggerated. I really don't..."

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HippyGeek: Amazing Solar Powered Camper


I love a good road trip, but I just can't rationalize it anymore.  Gas is to expensive and pharmacy canada cialis cars seem too evil.  But the non persription viagra age of the road trip hasn't ended, it's just in a lull, and the Verdier Westfalia is set to bring it back.  This VW-Bus-looking camper is how to get levitra no prescription a hybrid-deisel vehicle with all the comforts of home.  An electric range, mosquito-netted front and back porch, and an upstairs bedroom that you get to via a front seat that transforms into stairs.  The video is very worth watching (though you might want to turn your speakers down,) as the thing comes off looking almost like a full-sized Transformer.


The Verdier makes claims to solar-powered self sufficiency, but I imagine it will sometimes be necessary to fire up the engine and charge up the batteries.  But with solar power aiding a hybrid engine, I don't think there's any greener way to buy cheapest online place cialis RV your way from WalMart to WalMart. Don't go planning the road-trip yet, though. No release date has been set, but a target price has: $69,000.
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written by Brunow, October 01, 2006
Yeah! Barbie's dream car ;D
written by cncmike, October 01, 2006
Right on both counts. The video is worth watching and you definitely want to turn your speakers down.
I WANT but...
written by Chris, October 02, 2006
Give me a nice big tv inside with a dishnetwork mobile sat on the the best site generic cialis for sale roof... and paint it black instead of that wood and im 100% sold!!!! I LOVE THIS
Hippy Geek Amazing Solar Camper
written by Heike, March 23, 2007
AWESOME camper,video,music.....The world of campers NEEDS this product. How soon? Where? We need answers before this idea is lost....we want one for study group xtreme team events.
written by Dani, September 01, 2007
The video was awesome, and so is the camper!I want one!
written by Blackburn Tickets, September 28, 2007
I can't wait for the concept to be presented at the Detroit Auto Show in January. I heard it's going to be part of buy viagra online cheapest the 2005 Michelin Design Challenge, the theme of which is to create vehicles that can successfully answer the accelerating demands for the emerging Chinese automotive market. I also love the fact that they built it on a German-influenced design concept. VW vans rule!
VW vans
written by Korn, December 02, 2007
I think the whole VW vans rule idea is way exaggerated. I really don't think the German make has the best cars in the enter site cialis buycialis onlin class anymore

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