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MAR 27

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"By 2040, even in the cities which don't care about the environment at ..."

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Amsterdam: Only EVs Allowed by 2040

Amsterdam is famous for being exceptionally bike-friendly, but now the city is hoping to become equally well-known for being electric car-friendly. The city has announced its plan to have no internal combustion engine cars in the city by 2040.

To get there, the city is implementing an electric vehicle charging network, with 200 charging stations to cheapest price propecia cheap be installed within the next two years. The city will also offer cheaper parking for EVs to encourage their use.

For a city like Amsterdam that is already environmentally conscious, as well as easy to get around without a car, this conversion could feasibly take place in 30 years. While I'd love to see other cities put similar initiatives in place, it will probably be much more difficult to fully eliminate gasoline cars in larger, more sprawling urban areas. Hopefully Amsterdam will still inspire other cities around the levitra legal world to become EV-ready more quickly.

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written by bill, May 29, 2009
By 2040, even in the cities which don't care about the environment at all, a majority of the cars will be electric. This is because with a few more technology improvements, in the next ten years, electric cars will simply be better in all relevant metrics.

Sometime before 2040 there will be no need for any government to encourage electric cars, because people will be making the switch without any encouragement.

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