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MAR 31

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"I wish some one would pick a direction and viagra online cheap just go! We can pick apart ..."

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Detroit Electric Will Offer All-Electric Sedan By Next Year

As you can tell, we're pretty excited around here for the Tesla Model S, but Detroit Electric, a company that was making electric cars back in the early 1900's, has given us yet another car to get excited about. Yesterday, the company announced that they are partnering with Malaysian auto manufacturer Proton Holdings to produce the E63, an all-electric sedan that will hit the market ahead of the cheap levitra uk Tesla Model S.

The E63 will be a four-door sedan with two range options: either 111 miles for $23,000 to $26,000 or 200 miles for $28,000 to $33,000. The company plans to introduce the car in Europe and Asia in February 2010 and then in the U.S. a few months later. The quick turnaround will be possible by outfitting Proton's existing car models with Detroit Electric's engine design instead of designing a whole new model.

The E63 lacks the beautiful design and the luxury details of the Model S, but it looks like a pretty sporty sedan. It has a top speed of 112 mph and can do 0-62 in under eight seconds. So, for all the people out there for whom the Model S is out of reach, the E63 may be a perfectly suitable substitute.

via Fast Company and CNET

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Proton uh oh....
written by Peter, April 01, 2009
Proton is only best offers rx generic viagra not known for quality, in fact they mainly localize obsolete Mitsubishi designs and platforms and give them nationalistic Malaysian names. Quality wise, think Hyundai or Lada of 1980s vintage - be prepared for things to fall off and i recommend viagra sales in canada or break.
Net increase in CO2 emissions
written by Jack, April 01, 2009
For the vast majority of consumers in North America moving to an all-electric vehicle means a net increase in CO2 emissions. Coal-fired power plants range from 1.8 to over 2.5 lbs CO2 per kW. When one factors in transmission loses in getting the buy cheap purchase uk viagra power to the home, power conversion in creating DC to charge the batteries, electro-chemical losses in charging then the powering the vehicle, and the life-cycle carbon costs associated with the batteries, rare-earth metals in the magnets & motors, lead & acid associated with the batteries, and mercury from power plant emissions we are all a LOT better off if these vehicles never saw the light of day.

We can do far better with bio-diesel from renewable/recycled resources or natural gas powered vehicles. See for the latest on this proven resource.
written by matt, April 01, 2009
Has anyone ever given a thought on how you will keep the click now no prescription interior of an electric car warm in winter? Seems highly inefficient to do it with a battery.
written by Jim, April 01, 2009
Don't worry, I'll power my car with the solar panels I currently have on my roof. As we replace the coal fired plants with renewal sources the CO2 with diminish.
written by Luis, April 01, 2009
Agree with Jim. We must inevitably move away from fuel burning crap, even if it is made out of crops we would rather use for feeding the hungry! We're gradually eliminating CO2-producing sources, cars are an important one, now we need to address the power plants and then, voila! no CO2 emmited whatsoever!
written by Venu, April 01, 2009
Cars need energy during mobility. So far only electric cars offer non fossile fuel based energy for cars (All others are not promising enough).

The regular power for our homes (and eletric cars) can have alternatives like wind, solar etc.

So I agree with Luis, it is the first step to go away from fossile fuels.
Check yer units Jack
written by shek, April 01, 2009
Did you mean to tramadol on drug screen say that coal plants generate 1.8 to 2.5 lbs of CO2 per kW-HOUR? Also the rest of your post has no numbers to back up any of your claims. If you want to make a cradle to grave and well to wheel assessment of both technologies; then show some work.
written by Doug, April 01, 2009
I would like to see more articles on what is here/now available instead of what's coming (so much of dose viagra which never actually 'arrives'). What's the best light-bulb, toilet, car, motorcycle, water-heater, etc., for the environment that can be purchased now?
written by tara, April 02, 2009
you can go to and learn that coal plants are not necessary to cheap cialis india power our cars .

Go wind - solar power ! it's free!
written by Solar Power Lad, April 05, 2009
Very nice looking car for the price range. I'm looking forward to the buyer feedback.
Road Trips
written by Joe, April 07, 2009
How does one take, say a 1000 mile trip in one of these? How long is the recharge time?
A good thing........
written by Richard Davine, April 07, 2009
What a beauty. Hope it does come out next year and NOT turn out to be the rabbit taunting the greyhound at the track.
This shall also scare other auto makers to pull there fingers out.
Still the embodied energy put into a new car, electric or not, may make a 2nd hand diesel less polluting, over all, within a 5 year life/owner cycle of a car.
just do somthing
written by David johnson, April 08, 2009
I wish some one would pick a direction and just go! We can pick apart every idea or just pick one and do enter site viagra pills canadian it this sounds like a good idea with about a 100 scuare mile soler plant in the desert we will make out just fine nuclear at night solar in the day and stop burning all fules its not hard we just need to do it and levitra sales in canada stop waiting for the babby boomers to make up there minds its a joke the older they get the more they try to hold on to the past at the cost of the the futcher.

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