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APR 07

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GM Unveils Two-Wheeled Vehicle to "Re-Invent the Automobile"

I've got an extremely efficient two-wheeled vehicle in my garage right now, but I still use my car all the time, despite living in a very urban environment. It's the wind and rain and snow and slush and heat that keep me running into my Nissan Sentra for all these trips of less than five miles.

Despite the fact that GM, in the present, may or may not exist for much longer, they're keeping a strong eye on the future. The PUMA project is basically an enclosed segway with a larger motor and larger battery.

It's about a fifth of the buying levitra online canada size of a car and can seat two people. The upright two-wheeled design allows the vehicle to make extremely tight turns, making parking much simpler. The idea, basically, is to genric levitra minimize the things that matter to city drivers, price, congestion, parking, energy and the environment. I threw those last two in, just assuming that the target market will be ecogeeks.

Instead of maximizing the machine (just take a look at the Hummer) GM is finally looking at ways to minimize it. Fit the overnight viagra generic person into the smallest amount of machine possible in order to eliminate cost, reduce energy use, and simplify urban transport.

It would be 100% electrically powered and would have a range of 35 miles, plenty for most urban drivers, including myself. I've seen my fair share of buy generic viagra Segway accidents though (look below), so I'd want to make sure they get the kinks out before I start sitting down in one.

Looking forward to the days when they get some styling and the press get to take them for test drives. I can't say that I don't think the project has potential...but I'm looking forward to hearing your views on the subject.

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Why not a golf cart instead?
written by Fred, April 07, 2009
This thing looks like it's begging to be knocked over like a bowling pin. With me inside? No thanks. I'll take that nice four-wheeled Mercedes F-Cell roadster instead, please - with an umbrella. Or better yet, Dean Kamen's upcoming Stirling-powered nano-sized microcar. Hurry, Dean, hurry!
what about taxis
written by jared, April 07, 2009
As a manhattanite my #1 fear would be other cars. All is well so long as everyone is in these or on scooters, but if one of these goes head to head with a taxi or a delivery truck driver on his 14th hour behind the wheel and that will be one less eco geek trying to save the earth.
written by Jonathan, April 07, 2009
I think it has alot of upside as a neighborhood/urban vehicle. The ultimate goal would be to use these to eliminate taxis. And as far as GM partnering with the program, the DFMEA engineers will think about scenarios like the one above. I wouldn't worry about hitting the curb, loosing traction (ice), and other disaster scenarios because the auto industry has to idiot proof everything anyway (lets press the gas and brake at the same time!!!!). This vehicle would eliminate over 75% of my car driving, and if they find a way to cialis online us]non generic cialis hold grocieries in the passenger seat, I wouldn't need to do anything but rent a car 10 times a year for longer trips. Hats off to GM and Segway.
written by WDF, April 07, 2009
I think I'd rather ride my bicycle.
written by Phil Plasma, April 07, 2009
The force required to knock freezing rain off of my car would cause this thing to fall over. I'm not so confident it would be suitable for a Montreal winter.
making streets safe for these
written by steve, April 07, 2009
To make these safe you basically have to do the same thing Holland, Denmark and Germany have done for bikes - a process that was premeditated and took two to three decades.

I'm not optimistic people will pay (probably) $5k to $10k for something that probably isn't much safer than a bike.
written by andy, April 07, 2009
Awesome! Way to go GM. People will definitely pay 5K to 10K for one of these. Bikes are great, but if you live in the NW, the rain will beat you down.
WTF is that waste of money
written by Miltowny, April 07, 2009
I can't believe it... what a f'ng joke. Seriously... isn't GM cash strapped? We proved years ago that Segways were a waste. Ride your bike and purchase viagra online stop paying a gym membership.
I'm Impressed
written by Rowan, April 08, 2009
Quite honestly I think this is a great step for making cars more environmentally friendly. The big worry for most people is the stability of said vehicle, and I can see where they are coming from, the safety features included....well there are wheels in the back and front so if it tips it will catch its self. If it tips on i recommend buy cialis in canada its side though, there may be a problem. Also a head on collision with this small, and somewhat delicate looking vehicle would not end very well... if the design keeps improving, I hope to see this in the future :D
I think it looks cool but...
written by Joshua, April 08, 2009
I think it looks cool but I wouldn't want to come up against a regular car in it. The electric car I have my eye on is the Aptera.
And its purpose is ... ?
written by jason, April 08, 2009
Seriously, my major problem with the Segway is that it is the answer to ... what question? I mean, the Segway is not an alternative to driving. It's an alternative to walking. And unless you are mobility impaired, it's completely impractical. It's a menace on sidewalks and it doesn't belong on the street. So, now enter this mobile. As a car, how is this better than the Smart car? As a "urban transport" pod, it is better than a bike, or walking (or heck, what about public transportation?), how exactly? Like with the Segway, I cannot think of the problem to which this vehicle is the solution.
written by net97surferx, April 08, 2009
Again, this is a prototype -- without the safety features, bells and whistles which law demands.

Also, this would be an excellent vehicle to be a 'public transit' item -- not something folks HAVE to buy, but is available at neighborhood charging stations and used - in city only - as necessary. Grab one, go, park/recharge... and it's there for the next person to use as needed. This would change the face of cialis legal the larger cities if it was all walking and micro vehicle use only instead of multi-ton gas guzzlers.
written by yellowlab, April 09, 2009
3 words. Stupid. Stupid. stupid.

So what happens when you hit a Cat, dog or other road hazards? oh yeah you do a face plant like the woman on the segway.

But what should we expect by the Obama run Government Motors. Sucking up more tax dollars to provide crap that makes no sense and wastes millions of dollars. He'll probably want to use our money to good choice pfizer viagra canada build this crap.

Join a Tea party near you on the 15th. Tell ALL of Congress and link for you canadian pharmacy cialis Obama NO to generational Theft.

In response to what GM is bringing to th
written by Jonathan, April 10, 2009
Knowing what automotive engineering standards against the current form of the Segway. GM controls engineers will be making this much more robust and safe. They think of every stupid thing you can do to it and then try and figure out a way to prevent it. This could be a great platform to test all the active safety features that are only on high end cars and that will eventually become the best time to take viagra 50mg standard (animal/object detection, assisted braking, etc)for all vehicles as the component gets cheaper. Something tells me the next version will have a small amount of storage and lights.
Can't wait
written by Mia, April 15, 2009
I'm in! Can't wait!! We have a hybrid and I only do mostly local driving. We fill it once a month. And the mileage seems to be improving over time as well. For local driving when I'm alone, such as errands, going to the gym, etc., this thing would be great!!
What is the purpose of this?!
written by Rachel, April 16, 2009
What the hell? This is one of the biggest waste of money. Seriously now, i think if we want to have a better enviorment, then get up, walk past your gas guzzlers, and ride your bike.
or even better- steal a golf cart! it's even better.

This is such a dumb idea. GM can do a whole lot better than trying to come up with a small 2 passanger vehichle that's about the same thing as a golf cart!
want one
written by `Monica Hernandez-Sesma, April 23, 2009
Hi Hank Green
I want one!. I live in Amsterdam and we have many bycicle paths. I can see myself going to work in one of this, and getting my shopping on rx levitra the way. Seriously, what would it take for me to get one?
Many thanks

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