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APR 27

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"This would be a great law to pass and female levitra should be done in other countrie..."

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Norway Considering Banning New Gas-Only Cars by 2015

The Finance Minister of Norway, Kristin Halvorsen, has proposed a ban on selling any new gas-only cars in the country starting in 2015. Any cars sold in the country from then on would have to be able to run at least partially on electricity or other alternative fuels. Hybrids and biofuel-compatible cars would be allowed.

Since the announcement, Halvorsen has encountered quite a bit of opposition, but realistically the ban isn't quite as radical as it sounds. The ban wouldn't rule out gas-fueled cars completely, it would just require new models to have the option of accepting alternative means of selling viagra online fuel. Older cars that run on gas wouldn't be affected by the fast propecia plan and gas would still be used in newer cars too.

The proposal would definitely have a very positive environmental impact. If all new cars had the ability to be fueled by electricity, hydrogen or other alternative fuels, everyone would then have the opportunity to use these alternatives instead of gas. Halvorsen has stated that she believes the plan would be a way to stimulate growth in technology and the economy all while benefitting the environment.

Even though the benefits would be great and she has the support of many environmental groups, it's unlikely that the proposal will be adopted because of the opposition from other cabinet members.

via Reuters

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perverse effects?
written by dofa, April 28, 2009
wouldn't that mean a lumbering SUV hybrid with questionable green credentials could continue to be produced while the very-efficient smart car would be banned? I like the idea of banning products that are not good for the environment - it just needs to be done carefully.
written by Magnulus, April 28, 2009
Dofa: It has to be said that in Norway, very few people are likely to buy an SUV. They were "popular" a few years back, but SUV-owners are now almost subject to united healthcare levitra ridicule from their peers. So I don't think that's a huge problem.

Kristin Halvorsen is fantastic, I love that woman. She has massive cojones. And also; that picture is of my home-town Bergen! Woohoo! Homesick now.
written by Mark, April 28, 2009
Glad to see people trying to make others more aware of how we can improve environmental damage. I'm trying to bring awareness by spreading the word on the winners of levitra pure the Tomorrows World video contest:

They had a competition over videos about water efficiency and flooding. Living off the West Coast, it's a very real worry of mine. I think the winners did a great job! Check out their work and forward the link if you like it.
Why 2015?
written by hyperspaced, April 30, 2009
Why ban though? Let the market find it's way. If oil gets to $150/barrel it will become simpler.
Not only that, all major car manufacturers will start rolling new hybrid vehicles in 2010.
written by Fred, July 24, 2009
Many countries are going to be involved in convincing the population to transition
written by hybrid cars, December 29, 2010
Do they plan on supplying their people with said nonbanned cars, then?
written by Liz Karschner, July 20, 2012
This would be a great law to pass and should be done in other countries as well. Its not only about can you afford the gas, but can the environment afford to keep supplying your Hummers with gas as well. By transitioning out the stronge viagra for sales old gas guzzling cars to canadian cialis and healthcare more efficient hybrids or electricals will over time get the old out and we like it soft tab levitra the new in.

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