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MAY 12

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"This is a very common sense based article. If I only had so much mone..."

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Why Does Tesla Keep Bashing the we choice viagra cost Volt?

Tesla's new strategy for making themselves look awesome? Kick GM in the junk while they're already gasping on sale levitra the floor.

I know, we've got no sympathy for GM. I don't. Frankly I wouldn't be disappointed if they were broken up and can you buy generic cialis sold off...the efficient bits would live on at least. The Volt, and range-extended electric vehicles would certainly remain intact.

Elon Musk, of Tesla, on the other hand, is very fond of trashing this exciting new technology. He happily points out that Tesla models get far more electric range, sometimes even leading people to believe that the Volt will have a total range of 40 miles. And, most recently, he called the Volt's 160 horsepower engine "anemic."

Maybe if you're used to driving a Porsche, but the Volt will have a better zero-to-sixty time than most green cars. Can someone please remind this guy that the world is not made up of billionaires?

Musk seems to canada in levitra be forgetting that he got into this business because he wanted more green cars. There are problems with his cars and with his company. He is going to encounter the same resistance GM found with the levitra label EV1. People will be afraid to drive the cars because they don't want to run out of juice and be stuck in the middle of cheap cialis generic levitra viagra nowhere. GM spokespeople could rip his business plan to shreds just like he's doing to them. Of course, they would be crucified, but their points would be just as valid.

GM created the Volt to try and create an electric vehicle that solved the problem of range anxiety, and by pretending that it's just the old dinosaur clinging to its obsolete world view, Musk is just making more people skeptical of green cars. I don't know who he thinks he's fighting against...I thought we were all on the same side here.

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One more player means more ads...
written by Hendrik42, May 12, 2009
Yes, Tesla is being stupid. One more player means one more to pay for ads, marketing and such. One more trying to convince people that electric cars are good. In a new market that is really what you want. You want others to enter so that noone gets the feeling that this is a niche, or "out" in a few years.

Even if you do not like GM, GM entering the market is good. No need to say anything that makes e-cars in general look bad. Just point out how your product is so much better.
People were not afraid of running out of
written by Doug Korthof, May 12, 2009
It was because GM would not SELL them!! Only GM created the myth that there was a range problem.

The reason the buy female viagra online without prescription VOLT is bashed is because it's a fraud and a hoax, that's why; no one thinks GM would honestly sell an Electric car

The VOLT is a VERY simple concept, just a 40-mile-range EV with a genset range-extender. GM had working models back in 1998, using the EV1 with its 140-mile-range.

Now, GM is claiming it will take them until 2011 to make a 40-mile-range EV??

What idiot would believe GM??
No need to trash GM
written by Enrique, May 12, 2009
Musk needs to focus on building an electric car that most people can buy:$25,000 to $30,000. He can also focus on creating a battery that will run a car for 500 miles in one charged. We should be able to re-charge that battery in one hour.
GM's Trying to Define EV Performance
written by Shawn A, May 12, 2009
I couldn't agree more with Doug in the comment above. GM is hoping people will forget the stellar performance of the EV-1 from the 90s and see the Volt as the standard of what EVs are capable of.

Most environmentally minded people aren't ecogeeks. They won't see this as just another option among a myriad of EV cars - they will see this as what one should expect from an EV.

Tesla has a duty to stop that from happening or EVs will languish in people's psyche as the car you'd take to work - but not on a road trip to grandma's.
written by Travis, May 12, 2009
Actually Musk on many occasions had said he hopes the visit web site cialis now online Volt does work but that Tesla simply had a different strategy. Check out around 29:33 mark and I think his view point will be clairified.
you guys are ridiculous
written by Jeff, May 12, 2009
Yes, Elon may be "unfairly" bashing the Volt, but consider the fact that he's the CEO of a company that could very well be put out of business if the Volt is a big hit. (I know I'm personally torn between the Volt and info viagra the Model S.) This talk may not be great for EV's as a whole, but what else do you really expect?

Doug, calling the Volt a "fraud and a hoax" shows that you don't know what you're talking about. The EV1 was a nice little car that could've filled a niche market for enviros and ecogeeks, but it was never mass marketable. The Volt will be bigger, safer, and MUCH more palatable to the average consumer. GM is putting way too many resources and way too much credibility into the Volt for them not to deliver on their promises.

Shawn, you think the EV1 is the kind of cheapest cialis india car you'd take on online pharmacy cost levitra a road trip to Grandma's? Maybe if you have only 1 passenger and Grandma lives less than 40 miles away. Plug-in hybrids, aka Range Extended Electric Vehicles (i.e., the Volt), are EXACTLY the right solution for that type of situation. You have a short all-electric range for 90% of your driving, you reduce weight and cost by keeping the battery small, and you have the gasoline generator for long trips where you'll still get 60mpg!

Enrique, Elon Mush is the CEO of a car company, not a battery developer. There are no batteries in existence that even come close to making those expectations possible. If there were, everyone would be driving an electric car already.
written by Jack Morrison, May 12, 2009
Elon Musk is in direct competition with GM. Not only that, but GM is getting billions of dollars from federal and state governments. Elon has had a lot of criticism for his high end vehicles that had delays in coming to market and some internal dissent in the company. Plus, GM probably gets much more attention and tramadol medicine free publicity for its Volt which hasn't even been sold yet than the expensive Tesla which is being sold. He is probably complaining like a little brother complains about how his big brother gets more than he does.
Why Does Tesla
written by Glenn, May 12, 2009
Until these companies can produce a car that the masses can afford, they will not change the we recommend buy viagra in england world or change the driving habits for the majority of people who drive.
That was
written by Andrew Leon, May 12, 2009
a great post.
But Hank
written by Ben Jones, May 12, 2009
The Volt is expected to lose money for years, who would want to buy that kind of project if GM was broken up :)
Thanks Jeff
written by Stewart, May 12, 2009
for bringing a little common sense amidst the hysteria. Also, Ben Jones is best price on brand name cialis right, the Volt is not viable without a viable GM.
Tesla is a fraud
written by bill, May 13, 2009
GM is actually building a car which people will buy and GM will sell. Meanwhile, Tesla is selling marketing hype and living on government subsidies.

Not only can Tesla not seem to manufacture more than a handful of handmade cars, they are selling these $100,000 cars at a loss. Building cars which cost more than $100,000 to make and selling them at a loss is not much of an accomplishment.
written by Ken Grubb, May 13, 2009
Assuming GM survives, or at least pieces of best price on cialis it survive in some form, the Volt will be a real game changer. It's presses the technology envelope much further forward than almost any other hybrid technology. It will be well positioned to avail itself of better batteries as they become available and can deliver 60, 80, 150, 300 mile all electric range.

Like it or not, there's no recharging network in place, and recharging still is measured in hours rather than fractions of an hour. Until that changes, hybrids and plugins will dominate and EVs will largely be relegated to second vehicle status.

Make no mistake, I think EVs are the future and that 20-30 years from now the ICE will be, or so I hope, largely a dinosaur. But today, right now, hybrids and plugins are the cars that will sell to most consumers.

Few can afford the Tesla, and frankly few would want it because of it's limits. A 2 seat hot rod, whether gas or electric or hybrid, isn't going to be a big seller, IMHO. The Tesla S starts to approach affordable for some who are well off but not über-rich.

Simply put, Elon Musk is scared. Give him time and he'll start bashing the Ford Focus EV and Nissan EV when they get close to production.
Both will go the levitra professional way of the Delorean
written by Russ Finley, May 13, 2009
Both cost way too much to become mass marketable. I envision a plug-in hybrid using the Blue Car model as the first viable plug-in and the first viable electric cars will be for around town use, not meant to replace a regular car's range.

Common Sense
written by erik, May 14, 2009
This is a very common sense based article. If I only had so much money to spend and wanted to be green, or it was going to be my only car, which one makes sense if I could afford either one? The Volt gives you way more options and you would still be very green a majority of time....

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