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MAY 28

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"Congratulations Coulumb. Good to see California Solar companies taking..."

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Amsterdam Chooses Coulomb Technologies for its Charging Network

Last month, the City of Amsterdam announced its intentions to have only electric vehicles in the city by 2040. The plan included having 200 charging stations installed within two years to facilitate the turnover and generic cialis canadian it seems the city has chosen its provider, California-based Coulumb Technologies.

The initial deployment of 45 of Coulumb's ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations will be the cialis without perscription first in Europe. For two years, the stations will be part of a pilot project to help drivers switch to electric vehicles and the normally fee-based subscription service will be free of charge during that time.

The City of Amsterdam expects the charging stations to levitra price euro provide fuel for 10,000 electric cars by 2015. Energy company Nuon is providing renewable energy for the charging stations and 365-Energy will manage the network.

Better Place has racked up their share of brand viagra without prescription buy city contracts, but Coulumb isn't far behind, with agreements to service cities in California and now beyond.

via Business Wire

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a'dam calling
written by librarydonna, May 28, 2009
think you need a visit to a'dam hank, ask john he knows all...
written by bill, May 29, 2009
What does Amsterdam have against carbon neutral, pollution free cars such as those which are powered by hydrogen?
Talk about infrastructure problems
written by Doc Rings, May 31, 2009
10,000 cars and 200 power stations... oops! No fighting for parking there!

written by Seth, May 31, 2009
lol Junk N The Trunk has so serious anger issues. Any word on how much it would cost to recharge?
Iceland / Reykjavik has some now
written by renew, June 04, 2009
Just back from Iceland - policy of free parking for electric vehicles, as well as free charging.
Can't understand
written by Mia, June 04, 2009
Why would someone who is so angry and against new technologies that will help the world free itself from our oil addiction (and our dependence on the middle east) come on this site - just to curse and insult people? That's a really unstable man.
written by Fred, July 24, 2009
how are they going to convince everyone to transition, probably going to have a strict law.
written by jrminvestor, July 06, 2010
Congratulations Coulumb. Good to see California Solar companies taking a lead! Think I'll pick up some stock. Own Envision Solar stock ( which does the viagra professional Solar Trees and generic cialis soft 20mg Groves that use Coulumb charging stations on projects like Dell Computer, McDonalds, UCSD. Hopefully both companies business models and stock will perform!

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