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OCT 06

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"I still prefer the Toyota Prius. ..."

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PopSci Chats With Honda CEO

Takeo FukuiTakeo Fukui rocks. Not only is he wonderfully Japanese (rides zippy motorcycles, is amazingly humble, never takes credit for anything, and has a huge amount of pride in his country and overnight cialis generic his company,) but he's definitely an EcoGeek.

Popular Science recently got the viagra in australia for sale chance to sit down and talk with him in a rare 10 minute interview that is definitely worth a read. Honda has a bigger green research budget than any other car company, possibly than any other company period. And Takeo Fukui (no matter what he says) is the sole reason for that. 

My favorite exchange:

Is efficiency the legacy you'd like to leave?
Yes, I am proud to continue our corporate vision, but, as I said, that is Soichiro Honda's legacy. If I might presume to wish to be remembered for something, it would be for making a positive difference in as many ways as possible, even beyond fuel-efficient vehicles. I think that is the duty of all good corporate citizens.

If you might presume to wish to be remembered for something, Fukui-Sama, you will be remembered for being awesome.

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Global Climate Change Campaign
written by Calvin Jones, October 06, 2006
On Nov 4th There is and international day of action on climate change.
Events kick of 12pm outside the US embassy in grosvenor square.

For a timetable of the day visit the campaign against climate change website.

For a list of the countries involved so far visit the global climate campaign.
written by rolandog, October 12, 2006
... I'm buying a Honda! Ditching my old gas guzzler: a Grand Marquis '95.

Have you guys seen the 'Can hate be good?' commercial by Honda? It's a great commercial, and I think I had downloaded it previously... so you can email me and I can send it to you.
I still prefer Toyota
written by Jason, October 12, 2006
I still prefer the Toyota Prius.

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