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JUN 02

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"Will GM's bankruptcy affect a site like this for truck and the best place buying generic cialis auto parts ..."

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EcoGeek Video: What GM's Bankruptcy Means


What does the GM Bankruptcy mean for green cars and the environment. Will GM focus on tramadol in mexican pharmacies more efficient vehicles now? Or will the online levitra uk financial troubles bring the axe down on their most progressive programs?

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The Law of Nature: The Ones That Can't E
written by Inevitable, June 03, 2009
I think the issue is that GMC vehicles aren't well made in general. Whether they make efficient one or not, is only part of the of a larger issue.
Some of the parts in a brand new GMC just fall apart. There are many car company out there that build cars to cheap levitra generic fall apart at set times, and I'm not surprised that people just got fed up with low quality product, and are simply refusing to waste money on such.
written by Ashb, June 03, 2009
According to Lyle of order viagra without a prescription the Saturn VUE is not dead as yet, it will come out as a new Avatar
written by ryan, June 03, 2009
i absolutely love ecogeek's videos. keep it up, hank!
written by Drew, June 03, 2009
I think it's awesome that you post videos now! Is there any chance of seeing closed captioning in the future?
Expensive Gas is Coming
written by Matt, June 03, 2009
Because the administation continues to increase the rate of spending - there are too many dollars. And, each year there will be more and more in circulation.

So, gas will go up to at least $5 per gallon and stay there. And, imported cars will double in price (maybe triple).

So, GM subcompacts will be all you are going to be able to purchase. Get used to them.
Crossover in interests
written by HeadTater, June 03, 2009
Here's something I have noticed: The Environment guys (the main group on this site) really only focus on environmental impact. Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but i does mean that not all of the arguments made are practical. The Car guys know about cars and their engineering. They care a lot about things like design, practicality and so on. However, their concern for environment is generally limited to its impact on practicality. The Economists know about, well, the economic impact of all this stuff. However, they lack an intimate knowledge of the engineering behind either the car or environmental sides. Then, you have the only people who can actually do something: the Politicians. These are the people who know nothing about anything that matters to the situation but are somehow entrusted with the authority to make the decisions.

Oh, and Saturn is not being dissolved. GM currently has about a dozen buyers for it. This means that the only now levitra pfizer VUE plug-in could either live on as a Chevy, a Buick or with Saturn under its new owners. The only GM division to be dissolved is Pontiac. The rest are either staying or being sold. Also, Buick is what you would classify as entry-level luxury. Proof that environment guys aren't necessarily car guys as well.
Question for you Hank!
written by Hattie, June 04, 2009
Hank... this is in no relation to your video (excellent btw), but I was wondering if you have seen the documentary "The Future of Food"? I think it would interest you and be worth your time. It deals with Monsanto and the patenting of generic versions of cialis from canada seeds.

I feel like the Nerdfighters and others should know about this, but I would also would like to know your opinion (and possibly John's) on this subject. I figured this would be the most likely place for you to who sells levitra notice my comment.

Anyways.. thank you for your time!
written by Tetsubo, June 04, 2009
I work at a manufacturing plant that supplies GM with parts. Thanks to the bankruptcy I am only working 30 hours a week at the moment. I won't return to full-time until GM returns to full production. If that ever happens. I am not a happy camper.
Video Posts
written by Me, June 04, 2009
I am not a big fan of the new video posts. Please stop cutting them like a music video. I have an attention span longer then 15 seconds. I feel like I am getting lectured at by Hank. Hank comes across as the kid who sat in the back of class, and thought he knew everything. I respected Hank a lot more before I saw his videos. I would prefer he stuck to the written media.
written by solargroupies, June 04, 2009
You forgot: industrial age company, industrial-age designs with industrial-age management. What makes you think this company can revive after 40 years of progressively losing more and more money? They need new management, new designs with green age technology!!!
New gm reinvention videos
written by Brian, June 07, 2009
I assume many have seen the new GM reinvention commercial, but if not here ya go. It pretty much backs up the points Hank was talking about.

BTW the spam filter is really annoying, it says I have spam content, but wont tell me what it is cialis online for canadian so I can change it. :P
kick GM out and start 20 new leaner comp
written by Thomas Taylor, June 09, 2009
start 20 lean companies with 20 billion. Set standards for them. Give them incentives like tax cuts for investors, tax cuts for hiring employees, and set maximums for the click now express viagra delivery CEOs. This would drive inovation and setup a future of competition which would drive a new century of better automakers
What it really means....
written by mreagan, June 10, 2009
is you'll only be able to buy CRAP YUGOesk cars, that's what it means.
written by Fred, July 20, 2009
thats a good point, now that gm is gone whats going to happen next?
written by felix chesterfield, July 28, 2009
Will GM's bankruptcy affect a site like this for truck and auto parts ?

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