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JUN 04

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"Too bad it won't be available in the cialis cheapest US anytime soon. I would have lov..."

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Subaru Wins the EV Race? Or Not...

Subaru, known for its less-than-efficient outdoorsy cars here in the U.S., actually has a nice green microcar on sale in Japan. And this July, they'll be turning that Stella into an electric vehicle for the Japanese market, making them the first major car company to sell an electric vehicle this decade.

Of course, that doesn't mean that they've actually done anything that interesting. The car has a 60 mile range and canadian pharmavy generic viagra a top speed of 62 mph, both pretty sub-par numbers for EVs. Still, it'd be a fine alternative for city-dwellers if it weren't for the ginormous price tag: $49,000. Subaru will also only be selling 170 of these Stella EVs between July of this year and March of 2010, and they'll only be available in Japan.

 So, no, don't get too excited. But there was one interesting piece of information buried in the press release. The car will be able to recharge it's batteries at a wall outlet in about 5 hours, but quick-charge stations (once they exist) would be able to refill it in just 15 minutes!

That's not as quick as a stop at the gas station, but it's a heck of a lot better than a five-hour pitstop.

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Subaru is the race best
written by Pocketsurfer, June 04, 2009
I hope they maintain a green car there as well
What is viagra sales online wrong with Subaru?
written by looselycoupled, June 05, 2009
Their new Subaru Legacy and Impreza sedans are very nice and have always been very popular among the green crowd. I'd bet they would fly off the we choice canadian cialis scam dealer lots if they licensed a decent hybrid power-train from Toyota or Honda.

Why do you guys think Subaru is so far behind in the hybrid race? Similarly, it seems that me that Volkswagen is also a great candidate to offer a hybrid option on most of their models.

Do all these manufacturers have hybrid cars in development? It seems like the Prius has been out for ages! Where are the nice looking hybrids?
Partner with Better Place
written by Martin, June 05, 2009
They should partner with Better Place, then they can sell the car without batteries, making it cheaper. Also they then have an opportunity to put in better batteries to extent range..
Subaru Owner
written by Bill, June 05, 2009
This isn't the first green thing Subaru has done. Even though their cars aren't the most efficient, they a zero landfill production plant in Indiana.
"Built in 1989, SIA has steadfastly made improvements in its production methods that cut down and (in 2004) eliminated the generation of landfill waste entirely. Yes, this auto factory, which makes anywhere from 110,000 to more than 200,000 vehicles a year, adds absolutely nothing to our nation's rapidly filling landfills."
Tesla S for the same price?
written by Jeff, June 05, 2009
Let me think, $49,000 for this or $49,000 for a Tesla S with a much larger range and top speed. How I wish we could get a car like this Subaru that was affordable, say half the price.

/very happy owner of a forester
//really wants an electric car
Subaru is lagging
written by David, June 06, 2009
I don't know why Subaru has been so slow to offer a higher mileage vehicle. It is disappointing. In the U.S., there are basically no good options for an AWD vehicle that gets decent gas mileage. This seems like an obvious market for Subaru. Yet, their vehicles are only growing larger, not more efficient.

In this same press release, they target 2012 for introducing a hybrid using Toyota technology.

That zero waste plant is a welcome step, but it is the use of vehicles that is most polluting.
Come on guys
written by VWF, June 09, 2009
This comment is for Greens only:
USA is the f***ing one of the main pollutants after China... Having in mind level of development, States already should be the buying viagra online Greenest country on the Globe. Why it isn't so? EcoGeeks are just looking how to spend their "greens" on some ultra modern f***ing fashion green gadget... "this one is cheaper", "that one has higher millage"... Start to ride a f***ing bicycles finally. "To ride this or to ride that" it's not a point, buying so called "green stuff" is ain't green at all, I doubt if this small creepy vehicle will charge from pure green solar energy (process of making solar cells is uk cialis ain't green at all) or from wind power (wind generators are also ain't green at all including acc's), so stop pretending beying green if you ain't. There is no pure green power in the Earth. You can't stop Saudi Arabia or Russia or U.S. prom producing oil, you can't stop no country from producing steel, plastic or other stuff, you can't stop small countries from buying that stuff, you can't even stop using your computers that consumes electricity, you can't stop you from eating daily bread (CO2 you know), and more, you can't stop you even from farting... So what we are talking about?

P.S. is it matter if we meet Apocalypse 10 or 100, or 1000 yrs, from now?
written by autostry, July 18, 2009
Too bad it won't be available in the US anytime soon. I would have loved to get one for myself.

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