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JUN 16

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"The technology used in Telsa cars is very expensive, as are most new t..."

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Electric Vehicles at WIREDs Disruptive by Design

Today, WIRED held a business conference called Disruptive By Design, which featured a variety of businesspeople and levitra pill entrepreneurs talking about how to succeed in a rapidly changing business environment. Among their guests were two of the viagra cheap generic hottest names in the EV space – CEOs Elon Musk of Tesla and Shai Agassi of Better Place.

At one point, Musk humbly volunteered his services to the US auto industry at large. He said he’d like to go up to whoever is “in charge” of Detroit and say “I’d like to run your plants, if you don’t mind.” Though, since the only car company he's every worked with just had a recall of 90% of it's vehicles sold, I'm not sure they'd want him. He also expressed his view that unions, though they do serve a purpose, can be counterproductive when they make workers feel as if they are at odds with the company they work for, rather than on the same side.

So should Detroit take him up on the offer? If so, we can plan on seeing fewer hybrids (which Musk doesn’t like) and more all-electrics. And if the Tesla Roadster is any indication, they will all be extremely expensive… Seriously, though, Elon Musk does have one thing going for him that Detroit desperately needs – he knows how to make his brand desirable and successful, and he knows how to make EVs sexy. Detroit could sure use that.

As for Mr. Agassi, his comments today revolved around China. He talked about how Chinese companies like BYD are getting ready to start making a lot of plug-in electric cars. And in today’s global business climate, all eyes are on China. They set the tone, and if they make electric cars happen, that means very good news for companies like Better Place.

Money quote from Shai – “Our goal is not to we use it professional viagra build a car company. Our goal is to end oil.” Sounds idealistic, but really he means that his company’s goal is to build the network rather than the vehicles. After all, you can’t raise hundreds of millions of VC dollars just to be idealistic.

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written by Informed Consumer, June 16, 2009
Just a few more reasons while I, as an educated consumer, will be purchasing the ZAP! Alias when it hits the streets.
Detroit should have been working on viagra online drugstore this already
written by Lisa, June 16, 2009
It really pains me to see bailouts supporting auto makers that produce gas-guzzling cars.

In my opinion the money would be much better spent developing electric technology and supporting the companies that are pioneering this field.
written by Electricnick, June 16, 2009
The Tesla Roadster recall is a Lotus production fault. How many car companies go through recalls every year? Many.

The team.
written by Mr. Sinister, June 17, 2009
"Musk does have one thing going for him that Detroit desperately needs – he knows how to make his brand desirable and successful"

Musk's "brand", which he more or less stole, is only desirable because of it's exclusivity. The Roadster's popularity stems from the uk levitra sales fact that it's a status symbol for the wealthy. A way of advertising to the masses, "Hey, I've got $109,000 to drop on a custom electric sportscar...look at me!" Even if the Model-S ever sees the light of day, it won't be much better at $50,000+.

If Tesla actually produced a lineup of electric vehicles that the average consumer could afford, it would cease to be "sexy" and would start to face the same sort of generic cialis cheap scrutiny that the big automakers receive. Musk is how much viagra an arrogant elitist, and the sooner Tesla is rid of him the better for the company.
written by Fred, July 15, 2009
Some CEOs need a lot more training
written by Nitecore, July 30, 2009
The technology used in Telsa cars is very expensive, as are most new technologies.

Once mass production starts prices will fall.

Telsa have made a car that will go down in the history books, people just don't realise it yet.

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