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JUN 29

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Incentives Slash Cost of smart fortwo to buy cialis in australia $99/month

Smart USA is hoping to take advantage of the recently passed "Cash-for-Clunkers" program by offering its own joint incentive to lure buyers.  The car hasn't been selling as well in the US as the company hoped, but now with the new incentives making it possible to get one for cheap, that may all change.

The company is offering 4.2 percent financing on cialis 100 mg generic the car through the end of July.  When combined with the highest voucher level of $4,500 through Cash-for-Clunkers, you're looking at a fortwo for $99 a month.  The fortwo has had limited appeal because of its small size and viagra buyviagra onlin the fact that the tramadol with money order buy levitra from canada fuel economy is not much better than some roomier cars that sale for the same price.  These incentives may tilt the balance in the smart's favor though.  At a time when people are concerned with fuel economy and getting a good deal, it may turn out to be a great business move.

I'd love to see other car makers offering similar incentives to go with the Cash-for-Clunkers program.  Making their most fuel-efficient models extra affordable would not only lead to levitra buylevitra onlin better business for them, but more efficient cars on the road. Instead of people using the program to trade in an old gas-guzzler for a newer, only slightly less gas-guzzling model, we could possibly see this program make a noticeable difference in overall fuel use and emissions.

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written by Patrick, June 30, 2009
I am a little disappointed that the gas mileage on these cars is levitra sale not better due to them being so small. They do get a fairly good 33 city/41 highway and if they were able to improve that mileage, they would probably sell way more cars. We'll have to wait and see if smart car sales pick up due to the cash for clunkers bill.
I would get one.
written by Alternative Green Technology, June 30, 2009
I would get one at $99/month if the mileage was a little better. Also the fact that driving in Philadelphia or NY you're almost guaranteed to get hit, the size doesn't make me feel any safer than on a motorcycle.

Still, I'm considering purchasing one at the reduced rate. Great find. I need to best levitra prices do some more research on this "cash-for-clunkers" thing.
Gas Mileage is the problem..
written by Matthew Rings, June 30, 2009
the company completely underestimated the market for these cars. If people are going to sacrifice for a two-seater, they want extreme mileage rewards. Bringing the "gas guzzler" Smart model to America first was a mistake... they should have brought the "gas miser" version in gas or diesel. They better change strategy soon, and roll out the PHEV/hybrid version, or the Smart is dead in the water.
I put down my deposit long before the model was announced, and as soon as the 33mpg version came out, I cancelled it. I can get that mileage from a nice, but older, and much cheaper Honda civic.

PS: Good luck getting your deposit back, as I wrote in my request, as told to do so, and still haven't received the cancellation after a year.
written by TheGeek, July 01, 2009
No way are ever getting me in one of those things no matter what the cost. I've seen the crash test footage. It's not good.
Not so smart cars...
written by Concerned Citizen, July 01, 2009
I've seen this for years in Europe, and I've called them the "not so smart cars". 33 city? You've got to be joking for a car that size. A Prius gets around 50. Give me a plugin diesel hybrid!
written by Fred, July 06, 2009
Small size but very affordable.
written by autostry, July 18, 2009
I think that they could make possible adjustments in the Smart car in the future to make it better than it already is.

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