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JUL 14

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"There is a leaked official brochure floating around: http://www.crzpow..."

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Honda CR-Z Confirmed for U.S. and Japan in 2010

crzHonda's next dedicated hybrid, the CR-Z, will officially be available in Japan in February of 2010, and in the U.S. and Europe later that year. The CR-Z is an aggressive, sporty coupe that Honda hopes will be priced significantly below all other hybrid offerings. This is part of Honda's "doubling down" on HEVs that we mentioned last month. Though the Insight has not been doing as well as Honda had hoped, they are still committed to low-cost hybrid vehicles and no prescription needed cialis the CR-Z (and hopefully a hybrid Fit) will be a big part of that.

The hybrid Fit has only been announced for the Japanese market, but we have a hard time believing it won't make it's way into the US and Europe. We don't yet have specifics on the engine, final design or price, but as soon as we know, they'll be here.

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Tailor-Made Commuter Cars
written by Uncle B, July 14, 2009
Smaller, more efficient Honda's, Getting close, but no cigar, yet! America needs a two seater, tandem style, hybrid commuter with carbon fiber and polymer composite body! Taking the 36 hour viagra pressure off of the suburbanite population will get important as fuel prices rise, food costs rise, and the mortgage market recovers! Fast, cheap, transportation to and from existing dwellings is one way to perpetuate the American Dream and prevent dorm living factory workers to compete with China. Asian competition has smartened up our car makers and will bite the American worker in the ass next! Satellites have already given away most out computer jobs to India, and a huge increase in graduate students from both India and China will threaten our very existence! The only way to fight the Asian fact is canada cheap cialis through changing our ways to become more competitive! Thank Honda for the new hybrid, one more vehicle of hope for the American working class, while our "New" GM continues to crank out impractical, over-priced, Cadillacs! The Morons! and we get to pay for their folly, where's the "Peoples Car we really need to cheap no prescription viagra survive the Asian talent onslaught?
written by Fred, July 15, 2009
That's a nice car
written by Honda CRZ forums, December 10, 2009
There is a leaked official brochure floating around:

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