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JUL 28

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"FedEx has done a good job of converting these vans to hybrid ones cons..."

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FedEx Converts Old Trucks into Hybrids

Mail carriers around the world are starting to realize the environmental and indian levitra economic benefit of adding hybrid and fully-electric vehicles to their fleets.  FedEx recently announced that they're greening their vehicles too, but they're approaching this overhaul differently than their peers.  Instead of adding new hybrid vehicles to replace a few of their gas-gulping trucks, they're converting older, already-existing trucks into hybrids.

The company chose 92 of its 2000 and 2001 model trucks with 300,000 - 500,000 miles on them to be fitted with new hybrid drivetrains.  So, not only does this approach have the benefit of reduced fuel consumption and emissions from those 92 trucks, but it also prevents 92 trucks from ending up in a trash heap.

FedEx says the upgraded trucks will have a 44 percent increase in fuel economy, a 96 percent decrease in particulate matter and a 75 percent decrease in smog-causing emissions like NOx.  The trucks will be used on routes in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

We are major advocates of retrofitting the old to make it new and longer-lasting and sincerely hope that this way of cleaning up a fleet becomes a trend rather than just an exception.

via Good Clean Tech

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written by Magnulus, July 29, 2009
The thing that can turn this into the rule rather than the exception is if FedEx saves a LOT of money by doing this, because if they do - and they let everyone know how well it worked a year or two down the line - No CEO with a brain in his head (Which I realise is the minority of CEOs, haw haw) can ignore it.
written by Fred, July 29, 2009
That's a good move for FedEx
Nice move.
written by Çağlar Keskin, July 31, 2009
I support FeDeX for its nice move. Instead of using other cargo companies, i will use FeDex if i have a chance to choose. Go Green more FeDex.
@ Megan
written by dialtone, July 31, 2009
nice to see FedEx doing this - "but it also prevents 92 trucks from ending up in a trash heap." not really - the trucks are mostly all metal & would be recycled - not end up in a trash heap - come on follow link purchase of levitra guys - love this website - but you really need to double check what you write before posting
way to go !
written by robin yates, March 30, 2010
wonderful news, top marks to FedEx
Kudos to cialis brand name Conversion to Hybrid..
written by Bharat- India, April 03, 2010
FedEx has done a good job of converting these vans to hybrid ones considering the fact that it would cost them more to buy new hybrids and mail order cialis they have almost the uk softabs cailis levitra same components and if not converted they would end up in trash heaps... Good Job Done....

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