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AUG 03

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"Oh cool! I need a new way to use redundant technology. C'mon people (I..."

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Improve Mileage & Reduce Emissions - with LASERS!!!

Everything is cooler with lasers. So, why not add them to an internal combustion engine? The latest development is to where to buy levitra cheap replace conventional automotive spark plugs with lasers to create the spark in the combustion chamber of a gasoline engine. Work on this is still at the early experimental stages, but engineers from Ford Motor Co. are working with researchers from the viagra dosage University of Liverpool and GSI Group in England to develop a practical method for laser ignition.

The greater spark produced by the laser allows a leaner mixture to be used by the engine - which means lower fuel consumption, as well as more complete combustion of the fuel and reduced pollutant emissions of unburned or partially burned hydrocarbons. Gas direct engines (GDI) could work with laser ignition to levitra price allow smaller engines to provide improved performance.

"GDI, a method for injecting fuel into the viagra online usa combustion chamber of each engine cylinder, enabled superior fuel efficiency--but GDI won't realize its full potential until there's an alternative to spark plugs, the 90-year old technology we still rely on to ignite the fuel, the researchers say."
Other benefits from using laser ignition in an internal combustion engine could include lower idle speeds and better cold engine performance than with conventional spark plugs.

Besides, who wouldn't want to have a car powered by a laser?

via: Slashdot

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written by T, August 03, 2009
there's some wacky claims about efficient spark plugs (e.g. "electric plasma" and "sonic spark plugs"). let's hope laser spark plugs are demonstratively more efficient.
written by Van Jones, August 04, 2009
This sort of cialis united health care ignores that almost any point ignition system will be inferior to a diesel cycle ignition.
written by russ, August 04, 2009
Sounds like someone shorted this guys plug! Like Van Jones noted - it will be hard to beat the diesel cycle.
written by Fred, August 04, 2009
interesting, we'll see how well this works
Kevin Federline, yeah uh huh...
written by Jack Package, August 04, 2009
An ill tempered car powered by "frickin' lasers", Awesome!!!

Oh come on, you know you saw that coming...
Lasers oh what great idea here is levitra to buy another one
written by ouchthathurts, August 11, 2009
Look all Ford has to do is re sight the fuel filler so that it points to the rear of the vehicle. Sit in the drivers seat press a switch that ignites the fuel and instantly 200 miles an hour acceleration 100% use of the fuel and an exhilarating ride into the bargain.

What could be more efficient than that!

written by Dan, August 12, 2009
Oh cool! I need a new way to use redundant technology. C'mon people (I mean Ford et al), get your damn head out of the sand (or is it oil shale?) - we don't need this - we need *insert renewable of choice* cars, not something that belongs in the 20th Century!

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