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AUG 06

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"my comment is that i e-mailed some car company s for a new idea and discount tramadol go..."

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DOE Announces Battery and EV Grant Winners

The Department of Energy announced the winners yesterday of $2.4 billion in grants for the advancement of battery and electric vehicle technology.  The money was broken down into three major areas:  $1.5 billion for the manufacture of batteries and their components and battery recycling, $500 million for the manufacture of electric drive train components and $400 million for the purchase, deployment and evaluation of PHEVs and all-electric vehicles, electric charging infrastructure and EV-related education and cialis profesional training.

The highly-competitive grant program had 48 lucky winners spread across the country.  Larger corporations took a bigger share than smaller ventures, with one notable exception.  Battery start-up A123 Systems, Inc. raked in the second largest single grant of $249 million for the development and production of their battery pack systems.

The big auto-makers were well-represented.  GM, Ford and Chrysler received over $400 million combined for the development and deployment of levitra online order their individual EV projects.

Here are some of the biggest winners in this grant program:

  • Johnson Controls: $299.2 million
  • A123Systems: $249.1 million
  • General Motors: $240 million
  • Dow Kokam: $161 million
  • Compact Power, on behalf of LG Chem: $151.4 million
  • EnerDel: $118.5 million
  • Ford Motor: $100 million
  • Saft America: $95.5 million
  • Delphi Automotive Systems: $89.3 million
  • Chrysler: $73 million
  • Polypore subsidiary Celgard: $49.2 million
  • UQM Technologies: $45.1 million
  • Magna E-Car Systems of America: $40 million
  • Exide Technologies with Axion Power International: $34.3 million
  • Smith Electric: $10 million

You can see the full list of winners here (PDF), as well as distribution maps (PDF).

via DOE

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Batteries are likely to begin to be superseded in the near future.
written by Mark Goldes, August 06, 2009
Ironically, new technologies may enter the we choice levitra legal market about the time these Grants bear fruit.

Future cars will need no fuel and can become power plants when parked.

Breakthroughs include the MagGen. These magnetic generators will initially make it possible to cut the cord on a plug-in hybrid so it no longer needs to viagra 100mg tablet plug-in. Later, they can replace the batteries in an electric car. Then, the MagGen can run when the car is parked and sell power to the utility. Prototypes are under development.

Next is look here cialis from canada a Self Powered Internal Combustion Engine - SPICE, which will power a hybrid. It will need no fuel and is another path to ending the need to plug-in. The engine can run when parked. Both systems can wirelessly transmit and sell power to the local utility.

The SPICE will be powered by Fractional Hydrogen - which lets a barrel of water equal hundreds of barrels of effect of cialis on women oil.

Scientists and engineers will doubt these technologies are possible until they have been validated by independent laboratories - an important step on the agenda.

Until now, car ownership has been an expense. Payments to car owners driving a hybrid with a SPICE, or powered by MagGen, are likely to be substantial.

The cost of many vehicles might be paid for by utilities, as they purchase power.

Parked cars each become decentralized power plants - a rapid, cost-effective path to winding down fossil fuels - and a rebirth of both the automobile industry and the world economy.

To learn more, see: Look under the heading HOW?
written by Bob Wallace, August 06, 2009
Good news for unemployed psychologists.

Looks like there's still plenty of work available. Perhaps we'll see some stimulus money made available....

Chava Energy is not a viable technology
written by Doc Rings, August 07, 2009
I looked at the Chave Energy website, and it's a bunch of pseudo-physics mumbo-jumbo meant to drum-up financing from the ignorant (which, yes, includes many millionaires).

There is a nice collection of "quotes" from Tesla and others, and a lot of neat terms "Zero Point Energy" and neat acronyms like "SPICE"... but it all spells out "SCAM" in those of cheapest 100mg viagra delivered overnight us with knowledge and physics of real energy technology, and what is possible with today's hardware.

And no, it's not a conspiracy to squelch the "new" "radical" limitless energy... we've heard it all before by the uber-paranoid, and easily-swayed.

Insight into the Chava Energy B.S. machine...
written by Doc Rings, August 07, 2009

It's all a scam to where to buy viagra steal the money of the government's idiotic pork-barrel bureaucrats and start-up financiers...

Better to put the money into battery technology, hydrogen, and nuclear fusion.
volts x watts x Amps x rN
written by Mickey Davis, March 02, 2010
my comment is that i e-mailed some car company s for a new idea and got shot down,,, and i am going to collage for a electrician to show it will work and now someone is doing my idea adding more then one alternators and charging back to your home ,,life really sucks , hell i even told my teacher why i started his school!!!!even shown him my drawings,,,,,,try this hook up a e.v motor in your back yard run 10 battery's ,thats 120 volt double is 240 run a inverters from side to side then convert D.C TO A.C OK I FORGOT add alternators to feed back,,,also use delay timers to uk levitra sales kick in each alternator,,, that should lower your bill

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