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AUG 07

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"I hope that GM would be able to ultram er buy push through with this plan...."

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GM Planning Plug-In Hybrid Buick Crossover

With the sad demise of the plug-in hybrid Saturn Vue (along with all of Saturn) I was a little worried that plug-in hybrid technology wasn't going to get transferred over into another GM vehicle. My worries, apparently, were unfounded. GM has decided to add a Buick plug-in to it's line-up along with the cialis for cheap Chevy Volt in 2010.

This Buick represents a bit of a strategy shift for GM that, in my opinion, makes sense. Saturn was always supposed to be a cheaper brand, while Buick represents a step up from Chevrolet. And since any plug-in vehicle will have to be pretty dang expensive to make any money, Buick (or even Cadillac) makes a lot more sense. And it can work in lower volumes, which might be what GM wants if they aren't going to be making money selling them.

GM released a teaser photo of cialis discount the car, showing the front of what we're now calling a "crossover" though I just call them "snazzed up SUVs." It's battery pack will be smaller than the Volt's, but it will be made by the same folks at LG Chem. The car will charge at a 110 outlet in five hours and tramadol generic that will provide about enough electricity to buy online viagra drive at low speeds for 10 miles.

Unlike the Volt, this new plug-in vehicle will be a more traditional hybrid vehicle. The wheels will be powered both by the electric and internal cumbustion engines. The Volt, on the other hand, is driven 100% by the electric motors. So while this means that you'll need to fill up the new PHEV crossover, you won't need to do it nearly as often. While no official mileage numbers have been released, guesses are between 30 and 50 miles per gallon, depending on how often you plug it in.

This car could go a long way toward proving GM's interest in advanced vehicle technology. It's good to see the lowest price viagra plug moving to other GM brands. Cadillac next?

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How dumb are we.
written by Boating Buddy, August 08, 2009
10 miles hardly will get you to the local Walmart store.
Come on GM wake up.smilies/kiss.gif
written by Bob Wallace, August 08, 2009
I wonder what GM's marketing division found out about the driving practices of Buick buyers?

Perhaps a very large percentage of their trips are under 10 miles. For drivers as a whole something like 90% of trips are under 30 miles.

Perhaps people who are attracted to the Buick brand drive less than normal. I'm thinking older people who might tend to canadian pharmacy viagra generic stick closer to home.

Battery packs are expensive. Lower range would keep price down and still get market penetration for plug-in hybrids.

written by Jeff Carroll, August 08, 2009
GM is flat on its ass in the engineering department and isn't CAPABLE of building anything more worthwhile than the Volt or this abortion.
written by Bob Wallace, August 09, 2009
ben - I could see my father buying one of these (were he still alive).

Buick is what people my father's age around where I lived aspired to. The banker and the doctor drove a Buick. (Cadillacs were for funeral homes.) My father bought used Buicks until later in life when there was enough extra money to buy a new one every few years.

After my father retired I would bet that 95% of his trips were under ten miles. That got him to the grocery, post office, bank, church, relatives who lived close by.

He might have made a few trips a year that were greater than ten miles and the ICE would have taken care of that. He would likely have visited a gas station less than half dozen times a year.

written by Oakleigh Solargroupies, August 10, 2009
OKay. I am still having a hard time with the idea of buying even a hybrid Volt from a guy who is a climate change denier (Bob Lutz), let alone buying a BUICK! from the same company that drove their business of pill cheap viagra a cliff! Instead of GM designing and building it and sale propecia calling it a Buick, why don't they hire Toyota engineers and shops to design and manufacture it and call it a "Brius"?
written by rumpole!, August 10, 2009
10 miles? That's so lame. They are going to embarrass themselves, and cause lasting damage to their reputation. Oh, wait, this is GM.....
written by Bob Wallace, August 10, 2009
Perfect is often the enemy of the good.

And one person's perfect is not everyones perfect.


Nissan's $20k Leaf Suck! It gets only 100 miles per charge. I have to have 150 miles to go to town. Screw Nissan!!!

(Just seeing if I could post a "self-serving blinders on" post....)
I hate to cheapest propecia us be that guy, but...
written by David, August 10, 2009
It's battery pack = it is battery pack
Its battery pack = the battery pack which belongs to it
Cadillac is not next
written by Joel Couch, August 11, 2009
> Cadillac next?

Cadillac is not next. It is ahead of Buick.
There was a Cadillac concept car this year
based on scam viagra the Chevy Volt. I read that it
was green-lighted for production, but who
knows if that was just a rumor. The plans
of all of these manufacturers are totally
fluid. They are having a hell of a time
making plans when they don't know what the
market demand will be. The don't know what
the market demand will be because they don't
know what the cost of gas will be. $5/gal
then plugins are hot. $2/gal then the will
be DOA, unfortunately.
written by luxematic, August 16, 2009
I hope that GM would be able to push through with this plan.

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