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AUG 14

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"Is the CARS purchase rating of the Prius the official, government numb..."

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Battery Shortage Could Stall Prius Popularity

The Toyota Prius has seen a surge in popularity in Japan this year with sales almost four times what they were last year.  Here in the herbal alternative to viagra U.S. sales have jumped due to the Cash for Clunkers program.  All this is great news for the it's great! cheap levitra with fast delivery car maker, but the car's popularity may only grow so much due to limited battery packs.

So far this year, over 79,000 units of only best offers viagra for sale online the Prius were sold in Japan and tramadol dosage the car has been the fourth biggest seller in the Cash for Clunkers program.  Panasonic EV Energy, the maker of the car's battery, can only make 500,000 packs a year, meaning there's a real chance that production could stall if sales continue to be strong.

The battery maker has plans to expand its production, but there's no telling when that expansion will happen.  The car's success is viagra and women great news because it shows that people are becoming much more receptive to hybrid and electric cars, but the battery limits signal the type of kinks that will have to be worked out before they can really compete with gasoline cars.

via Treehugger and Autoblog Green

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which numbers?
written by Lex, August 16, 2009
Is the CARS purchase rating of the Prius the official, government numbers or the real numbers? The government is treating every iteration of a vehicle as a different model. Eg, there are five ways to buy an Escape: I4, V6, 2WD, 4WD and hybrid. The government treats them as five different vehicles. There is only one power train available in the Prius.

Edmunds calculated the figures (initial funding) using the same metric that auto sales are generally measured by. Sorry, the Prius didn't even make the top ten. But there are two small SUVs and two full-size pickups in the top ten.

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