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"It seems that nobody in the civilized world is interested in third wor..."

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Indian Electric Car Company Plans New Models

revaIndia's Reva electric car company has been producing low-speed, low-cost electric vehicles for it's home country for sometime now. Now they'll be launching two new models and some very peculiar sounding charging technology at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The new modles include the NXR, a four-seat, three-door "family car" and the look there buy cialis generic NXG, a two-seat sportster (with a removable roof!)

The "family" NXR will be available in 2010, and Reva will be taking orders for the car at the show. Unfortunately, we don't have numbers on range or top speed, for those of you who might be there and interested in ordering one. The NXG, on the other hand, is slotted for 2011 release.

In addition to this somewhat exciting, but not-too-unexpected news comes the announcement that Reva will be releasing a new charging technology called "REVive." According to their press release, the system will allow you to canada levitra prescription text REVA for an "an instant remote recharge should they run out of charge." Unless Reva has solved one of the 21st centuries most pressing problems (wireless energy transfer) then this is viagra prescription drug just a reserve tank that's already in your car, but doesn't get released until you text it.

It's a psychological trick, and a bit of a silly one, but with the amount electric vehicles are complaining about "range anxiety" I'm willing to give them credit for trying something new.

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written by Gavin, September 12, 2009
It seems that nobody in the civilized world is interested in third world automobiles.

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