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"Hey Mctavish you are on to something...a Prius that is look here purchase cialis powered by crap..."

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August Marked Highest New Car Average MPG

The Cash for Clunkers program could have done better at upping the fuel efficiency of America's cars and order levitra pill its results remain questionable, but on the bright side, it does appear that the incentives have lead to a new record for new car MPG levels.

In the month of August, new cars hit an average of 23 miles per gallon, an eight percent jump from August of last year.  American auto companies alone saw an increase of four percent from last year.   Toyota had the highest average for cars sold in August with 26.9 miles per gallon.

As Cash for Clunkers sales taper off, the average may decrease again, but the CAFE standards will hopefully pick it right back up when they go into effect.

via Autoblog Green

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written by MD, September 30, 2009
You see that Dodge Intrepid sticking out of cialis usa that bin, I used to have the Chrysler version of it with the 3.3 L push rod V6. I could routinely get 28-30 MPG in mine during highway use...

Kept the fuel system in good working order and the tires properly inflated, plus mainly highway driving.. I loved that car.
Big engines doesn't mean poor MPG
written by Doc Rings, September 30, 2009
I have two V8 cars:

2000 Lexus 3.0L 300HP @ 27MPG hwy at 70mph, about 20mpg city

2005 Corvette 6.0L 400HP @ 29MPG hwy at 70mph, 22mpg city.

Both are great highway cruisers... no point in upgrading to a hybrid yet... the payback of saving $100 a month on fuel would take over 10 years.

The cheapest car is the well-maintained paid-off car.

Best not to add to the carbon footprint by junking them and buying ANOTHER manufactured car with all the carbon overhead...

I'll wait for a PHEV in about 5 years to replace the Lexus which has 230,000miles right now.
long way to go
written by Mctavish, September 30, 2009
I drive a Peugeot 306 from 2001 with a 2.0 litre HDi common rail turbo diesel.

Around town it does 40.9 mpg, on the 'highway' it does 65.7 mpg. Top speed is 112 mph (speed limit is 70), and it goes around corners.

This technology is over 10 years old in Europe, and american companies have cars and engines in their fleets that can produce similar figures (Peugeot and Ford are in diesel engine partnership here).

Forget your V8s.

400HP from 6.0L is very innefficient, just 67HP per litre. The Lexus is more like it with 100HP per litre, to be fair.

The Honda S2000 produces 237HP from just 2.O litres, and is a straight 4.

It's not that american engineering needs to improve, it's the perception of the american carbuyer that bigger is wow look it cialis buying best that needs to be addressed.

I use my car 2 days a week, and I cycle the rest with my mighty human pistonssmilies/grin.gif
written by Mctavish, September 30, 2009
I also have an old 306 from 1995 that is also a turbo diesel, just older technology. It runs on vegetable oil, and manages 50 mpg.

The new Toyota Prius also averages 50 mpg, which goes to viagra 25mg show that it's crap.
Inferior Desecrator
written by Mike, October 08, 2009
Hey Mctavish you are on to something...a Prius that is powered by that would be something worth giving a s**t about.

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