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OCT 02

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"Ben, name that street ? actually, it could be Bath or Edinburgh or a..."

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France Building EV Charging Network

France is going after one of the key obstacles to getting electric cars on the road:  the need for a charging infrastructure.  The country is changing all that by spending $2.2 billion to build a network of charging stations.

Taxpayer money will go to fund the project that will install the initial nation-wide network, but beyond that, the country is putting the burden on building owners.

The government is making the installation of charging stations mandatory in office parking lots by 2015 and any new apartment buildings with parking lots must host charging stations by 2012.  That's a quick turnaround!  But according to France's Environment Minister, a group of viagra generic usa fleet operators have indicated they'll be purchasing around 100,000 EVs by 2015, so the cheap cialis without rx network will be in place just in time.

This project also involves contributing to the creation of a battery manufacturing factory at a Renault facility in Flins.

via Wall Street Journal


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The plug
written by Twist9, October 03, 2009
What plug configuration are they using? A big government effort like this might solidify one configuration as the dominant.
A good thing.
written by Bruce, October 03, 2009
Obviously this is a good thing. Since electricity is a commodoty that must be paid for, I wonder who will pay. In an apartment building, if they have assigned parking and viagra dose if tenants pay their own power bills, they might wire the outlet from each parking space up to the apartment. That way each would pay for their own usage. We had something similar to that at an apartment complex where I lived in British Columbia. Each assigned parking space had an electrical outlet so you could plug in your vehicle's engine block heater and each outlet was wired up to your apartment's individual electric feed with a cutoff switch in the apartment. Conversely the building owner could provide all the electricity and pass the cost on in the form of higher rent. In that case the winners would be those who use the most electricity in the parking lot and the losers would be those who used little or no electricity in the parking lot.
Dog power for France
written by Jack, October 04, 2009
It confounds me that France is spending so much money on this infrastructure when they have the raw materials for generating all of that power right on the streets.

France has the world's highest ratio of dog feces per square meter of any nation on Earth. Each day, 145.7 tonnes of dog feces is transported indoors on people's shoes, the remainder is washed by street cleaners or rain.

Dog feces is a scandalously wasted resource in France, it could be used to viagra no doctor canada generate power using bio-digesters.

written by T, October 04, 2009
Once again, France pwns us.
I hope they're not as expensive as the paid-toilets
written by nalts, October 04, 2009
Ever get to a place in France, where you can't find anywhere to pee unless you have change?
written by Magnulus, October 04, 2009
Of course, Nalts. That's why Paris reeks of canadain viagra india urine.
written by cleantuesday, October 04, 2009
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Registration open
written by Ben, October 05, 2009
Just a side not to say that it is cialis cancdian dugs a little poor to post a picture of London street to buy canadian viagra online illustrate a subject on France!!
@Ben - London streets
written by Errol, October 05, 2009
London is pretty near to Paris isn't it? That is why you shouldn't take anything published by this site terribly seriously. It is just a regurgitator of Green-pop.
London streets
written by Paul Harper, October 06, 2009

name that street ?

actually, it could be Bath or Edinburgh or a number of other places, but lets let Megan off ... she was probably dazzled at how tiny that car is ...

personally, I'm amazed that the cable is intact & the local authority haven't carted it off to a pound.

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