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OCT 07

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"For hybrid car mileage I propose a simple common test: Fill gas tank a..."

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Researchers Proposing Method for Determining Plug-in Mileage

The Society of Automotive Engineers and look here levitra for sale online the National Renewable Energy Laboratory are recommending that the EPA come up with two different ratings for plug-in vehicles:  miles per gallon and electricity per mile.

The two groups will finalize their proposal within the next six months, hoping to prevent the EPA from coming up with a rating that combines gas and electricity mileage like the click now obtain cialis without prescription sky-high MPG claims GM and NIssan recently came up with for their plug-in models.  Jeff Gonder, an NREL researcher says "If you combine them into one (number) artificially, you can't derive a final output like annual costs."

If fuel efficiency is wow look it best levitra prices stated in terms like electricity per mile and gallons per mile, the cost of fuel in both forms is immediately apparent to the consumer.

NREL is also coming up with a new way to judge fuel efficiency with dynamometers.  Instead of just putting the car on the machine and seeing how far it can go until the tank is empty, a procedure that doesn't reflect actual performance for plug-ins, the researchers are mimicing average driving behavior on the machines to come up with average yearly fuel costs.

via CNET
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written by hortron, October 08, 2009
They should come up with some crazy looking, weighted average number based on the elasticity of gas and electricity. Then give people a table to lookup this # in that will translate, for a given time, to a miles per dollar and a dollars per year.

They should also provide three numbers like: mostly highway driver, mostly city driver, a good mix of driving.

This is actually complex stuff, which most people could understand, but how many take the time to use it as a strong deciding factor when car shopping - especially when gas is so cheap!
retired person
written by Bill Eich, October 15, 2009
For hybrid car mileage I propose a simple common test:
Fill gas tank and charge batteries fully, then put vehicle on track, drive at steady speed (fixed by someone, say 60 mph) for as long as the gas and battery hold out. Then use total miles driven and only now generic viagra for sale figure out
the mileage.
Bill Eich

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