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NOV 10

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"Now if only it could run on solar energy. LOL. Anyway, I think this is..."

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Garmin Offering "Eco" Cable to Go with Systems

Garmin has revealed screen shots of its new Eco-Route add-on for the Nuvi 1xxx GPS systems with Bluetooth.  The Eco-Route is a cable that plugs into your car's diagnostic communications port and cheap viagra cialis feeds data to your GPS.

Eco-Route reads air, fuel, throttle position and combustion mixture information and then uses that to display performance information for the driver.  Fuel economy data includes not just the gallons used, but the cost of fuel used and the total carbon footprint for the trip.  The add-on includes a driving challenge that scores drivers on braking, speed and acceleration, aiming to make users more efficient drivers.

Drivers can also choose the most fuel efficient route instead of just the usual shortest or fastest options.

All of this sounds great, but there is a big drawback - the price.  The cable will cost $149 for new and old users alike.  If it still sounds appealing, Eco-Route should be available by early next year.

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"Eco-Route" free downloadable version
written by Dave Kay, November 10, 2009
It appears you can download a software-only Eco-Route that uses acceleration data, gas mileage and the usual routing to give you a "best gas mileage" estimated route. I'm not sure why this should be the case, but apparently it does not track your *own* acceleration (away from stops, etc.) It uses general statistics. Nor does it appear that it "learns" (as it certainly could) your speed and acceleration along a certain repeatedly-used route. If I were making this, I'd certainly provide these features. Still, it's free.
written by Ken Heslip, November 11, 2009
Potentially a great idea. I hope there will be the ability to save "highest scores" and perhaps compete with other drivers of similar cars.
written by John at Cell Phone Recycling, November 11, 2009
Another great invention, but I must agree, it's a bit pricey but who would care if it will give you a better benefit, right? Let's see how it will work when it will be out.
written by bill, November 11, 2009
why waste time with cable when EBD II bluetooth adapters are available and sell for about $60. then you just need the free software to work with the bluetooth device
Going Green brings out the new features.
written by VeruTEK Green Technologies, November 11, 2009
However it also seems to always bring out the big price tags. Still sometimes the most fuel efficient route is also the only today cialis tablets shortest route and I can see people getting their moneys worth in the long run.
written by Richard, November 11, 2009
Now if only it could run on solar energy. LOL. Anyway, I think this is a good step to being aware about the damage done to our world.

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