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JAN 13

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"The adoption of buying viagra in the santo domingo EVs in NYC and other large cities would be accelerated..."

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Report Says NYC Will be Home to 70,000 EVs by 2015

The Detroit Auto Show has showcased a slew of EVs this year.  When it comes time for automakers to start looking for potential markets for these new vehicles, may I suggest New York City?  According to Cleantech Group, New Yorkers will buy 70,000 EVs by 2015.

Consulting firm McKinsey & Co. conducted research that shows EVs will make up 16 percent of new car sales in the city wihin the next five years.  Other international markets will buy large chunks as well.  In Paris, EVs will make up 9 percent of sales and tramadol generic in Shanghai, 5 percent.

The study cited "governments imposing further restrictions on vehicle carbon dioxide emissions, subsidies and tax benefits for EVs, more consumers desiring green products, model availability, and battery cost structure and technology improvements" as reasons for the boost.

The report predicts plug-in hybrids will make up the bulk of sales, with small electric city cars being popular in New York.

As much as I love a positive report (especially one that predicts a quick adoption of EVs), I will be much more excited if this really happens over the next five years.

via Cleantech Group

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I'm With You
written by Randy, January 13, 2010
I'm with you on the wish that this actually come true. For large cities to levitra in uk convert to using more ev cars not only helps the recommended site viagra for sale online environment but could provide some relief to the congestion and traffic issues in those cities. My guess is that if just one cab company in NYC converted to the use of ev, the whole state of NY would see an immediate benefit.
written by Jess @ Openly Balanced, January 13, 2010
Any word on what BMW is bringing to the table? (My hubby tries to make me like his car by talking about BMW's sustainability initiatives.)
Good Match for Mero Areas
written by Chris, January 14, 2010
That looks like a good match for those who need an alternative to mass transit etc... I would think the LA and similar cities would be in the same situation as far as that goes... especially with the mention of vehicle carbon dioxide emissions being factored in to best price cialis without prescription this research.
written by Mike at Cell Phone Recycling, January 14, 2010
NYC is on track to be the greenest city in America, mainly for its compactness and inherent efficiencies in energy consumption. I hope they place more plugin charge stations as fast as New Yorkers put those EVs on the road.
written by Wally144, January 21, 2010
The adoption of EVs in NYC and other large cities would be accelerated if the cities brought in a 'congestion charge' that would apply to any vehicle entering the city limits. Exemptions apply to very low emission vehicles such as EVs or hybrids. The city of levitra woman London has such a scheme, and it has been very successful in improving the best levitra air quality in the city. The city has also implemented an 'Emissions restriction zone' that applies to buses, trucks and vans, restricting access to only those vehicles which comply with Euro III standards for particulate emissions.
Vehicles not meeting the standards must pay for the privilege of entering the city. This is done by mobile phone or on a PC, and can be paid for on a daily basis, or monthly. Vehicle license plates are 'read' by roadside cameras, and checked against a database of subscribers. Where a vehicle enters the exclusion zone without a payment registered against it, a fine is levied.
This scheme has been in operation for some years now, and there have been three benefits;
1. The air quality in central London is much improved.
2. Traffic density is much lower in the city.
3. The city has generated significant revenues, which are used to improve bicycle lanes, and other green initiatives.

The objective is to encourage EVs and other non-emitting vehicles to cheap viagra india use the city streets, and further improve the air quality - which would have a direct health benefit to citizens.


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