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FEB 11

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Ford Unveils All-Electric Truck for Late 2010


Ford Motor Company has taken another step forward in adding electric vehicles to their fleet by announcing an all-electric version of their Transit Connect van. The conventional version of the Transit Connect was named Truck of the Year at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. A small number of electric Transit Connect trucks will be available later this year, with subsequent production levels to it's cool overnight viagra generic be based on demand.

The truck is an all-electric vehicle, and is targeted at commercial uses such as route driving with fairly regular, predictable driving. However, Ford has also said that they "would not exclude retail sales" for the van.

The electric Transit Connect has an expected range of 80 miles from a 28 kWh lithium ion battery pack. It is designed to recharge at a 240 volt charging station over a period of 6-8 hours. Charging from a 120 volt supply is cheap canadian pharmacy also possible.

via: Ford press release

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Is poor journalism a key attribute here?
written by Mike, February 12, 2010
A Ford Transit vehicle is a VAN it is not a TRUCK
A Good Start
written by Brian Green, February 12, 2010
Ford is well on it's way to winning people back. They need to step up their game and viagra online from canada get into the electric market with each class of vehicle. The Pickup is a huge thing for them (and for many people in the Midwest. The space for battery packs beneath the levitra woman bed of buy viagra professional 24h the pickup is the largest for any vehicle so they'd have tons of room for big battery packs.

80 Miles is a goos start, but they'll need to extend the range if they want these to be taken seriously for more than just light driving. Delivery vehicles drive more than 80 miles a day.

It's a great first step. It just needs to be improved upon.
written by bigjobsboard, February 12, 2010
This is a great idea. Air pollution will be decreased if these type of cars are implemented. However, since it is electric, more power plants will be using their traditional methods of making power which then produces more unsafe materials in the environment especially the coal plants.
written by crankypaul, February 12, 2010
Part of me is glad to womans viagra see more electrics becoming available and the other part of me says "So what". What is becoming quite obvious is that the range of electric vehicles is the limiting factor. I have no doubt that the battery technology is being researched and developed to death, but the sad truth is that the technology won't be offering long range vehicles for quite a while. That said, these 80-100 mile range vehicles have their place as either typical commuter vehicles, or short range delivery vehicles. However, one glaring problem that is click here viagra price being overlooked is the replacement costs for the batteries. Electric fork lift batteries can cost well into the thousands of dollars. What would the value of a vehicle be if it is at the end of its battery life? If replacement batteries will cost $4000 and the $22000 vehicle is say 5 years old, then what is the true dollar worth of that vehicle. And I don't even want to go into the disposal/recycling of the old batteries.
written by Mike, February 13, 2010
I think a solution to the range and recycling issue will be battery depots. When they run down drive into the depot and swap in a charged battery, tow trucks could also carry batteries so they can be swapped if you run out before making it to a depot or charger. Having the batteries at a depot will ensure that they are well maintained and a depot charger can be faster and more powerful than a home or in car charger.
ok.. the van by itself...
written by John, February 16, 2010
okay, but the van as it stands now with its gas engine only gets 24MPG. So already, I wondering if its efficiency could be improved in design alone, regardless of electric capabilities.
written by Mark, August 09, 2010
They need to put a solar panel on the roof of the van to help trickle charge the battery.
written by Mike, August 09, 2010
The weight is not an issue because electric vehicles weigh less without the engine, tranny, and exhaust system.

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