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"One thing is for sure, it will never catch on for the generic cialis canadian hardened MC ride..."

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Yamaha to Develop Electric Bikes

Yamaha, one of the best-known names in motorcycles, is finally entering the electric bike fray.  The company has announced that it will be selling shares in order to raise $812 million to buy cialis australia go towards developing low-cost, all-electric motorcycles and soft cialis "motor-assisted" bicycles.

So far, electric bikes haven't really taken off -- they're expensive and haven't had that "it' factor -- but not many of the big players have been designing them, until now.  With Yamaha's presence in the market, electric motorcycles may make a name for themselves.

Yamaha won't be spending all of that money just on all-electric motorcycles, though it will all go to cleaning up the business.  The company's R&D team will also be working on more efficient engines for its bikes and boats.

via Reuters

Image via Yamaha

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written by ffarkle, April 12, 2010
This is so stupid. Back in the mid-80's I had a Honda 100 bike - it got OVER 100 MPG - cost under $1000 - could safely go 50-555 MPH all day long.

And it was simple to maintain and repair, too.

If the government would leave us all alone, they'd still be available - but nooooooo.

written by Ken, April 13, 2010
About time the big players got in on professional viagra online the act.
written by Tam, April 13, 2010
As a long-time motorcycle riders, I'm all for an electric bike that is dependable, fast enough to be used on the highway, and can cover a reasonable distance before requiring recharging.
In the meantime, I'll keep riding my Harley; it may not be perfect, but it gets 45 mpg.
written by Mark, April 13, 2010
ffarkle sounds like a member of the gop who love to live in the past.
Hey ffarkle
written by elmock, April 13, 2010
Was the order online levitra honda a 2 or 4 cycle?
Yamaha powered electric bikes
written by Electric Bikes, April 17, 2010
Yamaha developed the batteries and motors in the Gepida range of electric bikes.

Their system is the most economical power assisted type of transport available on the market today - achieving an impressive 62.5 miles for a mere 4.5 pence!
Three wheeled version?
written by Richard Fletcher, April 20, 2010
I only wish someone would produce a three wheeled version of this electric bike, so I can ride it without falling. I'm cognitively impaired, lead me to have no balance when trying to levitra sales uk ride a bicycle or motorcycle. All this because I'm brain injured from a strep infection that happened in the year 2000.
written by Maplefudge, April 20, 2010
How will they make them loud enough?
written by AndyG, May 11, 2010
IZIP make an Electric Trike that would be perfect for what you are looking for Richard. I think they also do canadian healthcare levitra test rides so if you are within driving distance you could have a go before committing to buy.
'Re-Filling' times
written by AWorldMaker, July 23, 2011
One thing is for sure, it will never catch on for the hardened MC riders, 4-8 hours refueling time?
Fuel Cell technology will win through, with 'swap out' centers sited just about anywhere.

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