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APR 19

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Prius Minivan May Debut in 2011

Imagine the Toyota Prius.  Now imagine it stretched a little longer and where can i buy real viagra taller, perhaps a "Baby on Board" sticker attached to the viagra sent from canada back, and that may just be what's in store for a new version of the hybrid vehicle.

Japanese news source Nikkei is reporting that Toyota will be releasing a Prius minivan sometime next year. The minivan would be the first expansion of the Prius brand by the automaker.

Beyond being the first hybrid minivan on cialis on sale the market, the vehicle may also be the first Toyota to use an in-house developed lithium-ion battery pack.  Details are scarce, but it would likely be a three-row, sliding-door vehicle, capable of seating up to healthcare of canada pharmacy seven people.

The automaker reportedly expects to price the minivan in line with it's fully gas-fueled competition.

via Reuters

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written by Anonymous, April 19, 2010
I'm glad that there will finally be a hybrid mini van, but it's so space age, I don't like it. I realize in the big scheme of things the appearance doesn't really matter, but I feel like they could be alienated a huge portion of the population.
Looks interesting
written by Jeff C, April 19, 2010
I am glad to see a hybrid people carrier, instead of just 2 seaters and cramped 4 seaters. This will surely hit a good market with larger families. Now if they will just release one like is pictures, instead of making it look like a Dodge Caravan, that would be nice. smilies/smiley.gif
I'd buy it.
written by Alsoanonymous, April 19, 2010
All of generic levitra price the best gas mileage for hybrids comes from city driving, it make sense to have the Mom's taxis of the world be hybrids.
Wrong photo
written by John Rowell, April 20, 2010
That's a picture of a different concept, their Hybrid X Concept. Wrong picture. You want a better photo, there's one here:
written by Lisa, April 20, 2010
then again, it could make hip the minivan, which many kid-toting moms are loathe to drive. Jane Jetson was pretty hot.
written by Joel Couch, April 21, 2010
Toyota already had a hybrid minivan for sale in Japan.
It was the Estima, which was similar to the US Previa at one time. Reportedly the hybrid had the gas engine driving the viagra online no prescription front wheels and electric powering the rear wheels. Not exactly the full Synergy system, but still valid.
written by onesojourner, April 21, 2010
I wish they would stop messing around with this hybrid stuff and make it a full electric. that is canadian viagra scam the future.
Hybrid Minivans have been around a long time
written by Scott Nolan, April 21, 2010
Toyota introduced the Estima Hybrid Minivan in June of 2001 (Japan only, sadly) - 42MPG, seats 6 or 8 depending on configuration, standard Prius style synergy drive (gas/electric) on one axle, electric only on second axle (for part-time 4WD).

My wife and I saw one up close in April 2005 that had gobs of executive luxury options at a fancy Tokyo hotel; it was the hotel's vehicle for VIP guests.

In October 2003 Toyota introduced the Alphard hybrid minivan on a slightly larger chassis than the Estima; more luxury, lower mileage at 40mpg, and much more expensive. Again, Japan only... Grrr...

It is very frustrating that neither hybrid minivan was exported to buy levitra no prescription places that need them. There are grey-market exports to other countries that like right hand drive (they drive on the left) - Jamaica, England, etc...
written by GoReuse, April 22, 2010
I appreciate the hybrid vehicles(though a full electric powered vehicle would be better), alternative fuels and what they're doing for our environment, and I get that they are thinking 'future', but do they have to make the cars look so ugly?
written by James McRitchie, April 28, 2010
Great, a two door minivan.
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