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OCT 29

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"There should be a EU directive on advertising rules for any product th..."

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All Car Ads Should be 25% "Environmental Impact Data"

colinI've been thinking, in my own diabolical brain, how to turn cars into cigarettes. Maybe that wasn't's what I mean. Cigarettes used to be cool. But it turns out they're addictive, expensive and dangerous. Well, cars are cool now, but in the last few years we've realized that they are also addictive, expensive and no perscription female cialis next day dangerous. So what do we do? Start with warning labels, Check. Next, make the industry pay for advertisements showing how horrible they are. Well, we're not there yet, but Britain might be headed in that direction.

A British politician (and Chair of the House of Commons Climate Change Committee,) Colin Challen, has put forth a measure that would require 25% of all car ads to discuss only environmental impact data. Operating on the assumption that a more informed public would purchase fewer gas guzzlers, this could make a pretty significant difference for car companies. And, more importantly, it could be a significant step toward the self-vilification of cialis uk what is almost certainly a world-wide villain.
Via BBC and TreeHugger 
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About time too
written by Jack Meyhoff, October 30, 2006
There should be a EU directive on advertising rules for any product that impacts the environment in a harmful way. It is also good to see the big impacting vehicles being priced OFF the roads. I would like it to go further with a city zone being totally off limits to private vehicles. Park and ride, use public transport. With less private cars in those zones then more room for public transport and bycicles and it is less stress free for the tramadol buy cod population there. Imagine the sound of a city with no cars :)

I used to have a car and no longer wish to have one. Bike and public transport (yes I know it needs improving but that only comes with a switch in mindset such as we see now). Cars are too expensive anyway, they are money pits. Imagine all the road deaths being reduced too.

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