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MAY 26

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"If only the battery wasn't so expensive. Ebay has that exact battery f..."

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EV Makes Record-Breaking 624-Mile Trip on One Charge

The Japan EV Club has broken their own record by converting an electric car to make the longest trip without recharging, covering a whopping 623.76 miles!

The Daihatsu Mira EV was outfitted with Sanyo batteries and generic cialis india converted from a gas car to an electric one.  The EV set the record on a track in Ibaraki, Japan, taking more than 22 hours to run out of juice and nearly doubling the look here viagra best price club's previous record of 345 miles last year.

How did they do it?  Well, the 8,320 Sanyo #18650 batteries that the club installed probably had something to levitra without prescription online do with it.  The conversion likely cost upwards of $55,000 for the batteries alone, so don't expect this type of range to appear commercially until battery technology improves.

via Wired Autopia


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written by Fenugreek, May 28, 2010
What exactly is the point of cialis australia no prescription this article? Better batteries means bigger range? Who would have thought!
written by Doc, June 03, 2010
At least the car doesn't seem to sitting too low from the weight of the batteries... but I wonder if it has ANY room left for a sack of groceries. smilies/smiley.gif
Broken record
written by Charles G Nutter, June 03, 2010
Pretty amazing! Scaled up ad optimized a bit Silacon could buy one. Imagine what could be if the cialis samples in canada car built to be an EV!
Truely, what is the point!
written by Steve, June 03, 2010
Ok, so you run around a track all day (literally) and gain what? Not a real world setting or situation; doesn't further science; just a bunch of hooey like so much of this "green" propaganda.
written by Chuck, June 04, 2010
Big deal! 28.35 miles per hour around a supposedly level track. Doesn't rock my boat.

We are getting there
written by Mark, June 06, 2010
If only the battery wasn't so expensive. Ebay has that exact battery for like $6. so 8000 of them is hydrochlorothiazide viagra way to high for a working man to affoard. But if they can make a battery for like $1. then it would be possible for everybody to indian cialis affoard.

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