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JUN 08

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Electric Jet Ski: All of the Fun, None of cialis from canada the Oil and we choice levitra generic brand Emissions

Jet skis are fun, but they're also dirty.  They've been known to leak oil and offer up a nice dose of air and noise pollution.  To change all that, Silveira Customs has debuted their all-electric personal watercraft called the Green Samba.

Silveira Customs found that creating an electric jet ski took more than switching out a gas-fired engine for an electric motor.  They designed a new jet propulsion unit that uses one-sixth the canadian online pharmacy viagra power of a normal unit, which drains the battery less and produces the torque necessary to for good performance.  It is also built from carbon fiber, making it light and easy to maneuver.

The Green Samba can hit 65 mph and has a battery life of three hours.  Plus it operates silently, allowing its users to observe wildlife without disturbing the animals.

The company says 500 units will be available next year and for a price competitive with traditional personal watercraft, which tend to fall in the $7,000 - $10,000 range.

via Wired Autopia

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written by Doc, June 09, 2010
Three hours...that's pretty good time. I wonder if that's three hours of puttering around? Or three hours of all out thrill-riding?

Pretty good concept, though, and the price is right, too.
written by greg, June 09, 2010
Ick. This is like BP capturing a few thousand gallons of oil a day right now and levitra canda calling it a success. Jet skis, no matter how they are powered, are awful. Here's to canoes and swimming!
Not green at all
written by Phil, June 09, 2010
Jet Skis cause a great deal of environmental damage to cost viagra estuarine environments simply by the erosive effect of uk levitra their wakes undermining foreshore banks.

Being battery powered just makes them quiet agents of riverine and estuarine damage.
written by Garrett, June 09, 2010
If you didn't think jet ski's were an "extreme" activity before... just add the risk of electricution! ha ha
written by alex, June 09, 2010
lets not forget jetskis are responsible for many injuries and deaths. Now imagine an electric "B2 stealth bomber" version that u wont here comin..
Shows true colors of this site and it aint green
written by Fornach, June 10, 2010
Any publication that spruiks a battery powered jet ski as green has zero credibility. This site has just become a greenwashing gadget house.
written by Chris, June 10, 2010
Wow, I would hope that some people on this site are a little more open to the small changes. It is all of these small changes that lead to bigger and better sustainable options. It doesn't all come in one shot, its millions of these small differences that will add up. You can't stop people from doing whatever the hell they want so you might as well provide a greener [energywise] option.
Silent Killer
written by Peter Neal, June 10, 2010
"Plus it operates silently, allowing its users to observe wildlife without disturbing the animals."

So it's more likely than ever to be involved in accidents, to both wildlife and swimmers.
Come on people! is there no middle ground for fun?
written by Sean, June 10, 2010
people can whine all they want. jetskis are fun. Im an environmentalist too however i feel i can do other things to offset all you whiners complaining about having a little watersport fun. do some of you think we should just shut down all moving watercrafts because the waves tear up shore line? sounds like its time for someone to get thier diaper changed.
finally someone with half full mentality as well as common sense
written by Mike, June 11, 2010
Thanks for your post Sean. Sometimes I feel that far too many people reading this site would be happy if we all lived in mud huts with no electricity...never mind that they're typing on a computer powered by electricity and only here canadianpharmacy has a fairly short life span.

I too love jet skiing and wake boarding. I do try to act responsibly and take advantage of levitra buying all those tech improvements, but I also like to overnight cialis have fun.

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