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JUL 30

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"Really? If we are willing to tramadol 180 saturday lose 20% energy, just because we are to l..."

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Power Up Without a Plug

A Virginia company called Evatran has debuted their prototype for an EV charger that works without plugs, cables or a flow of electricity between the vehicle and visit our site cialis canada online pharmacy the charger.

This new charging system doesn't work by magic, but by induction.  To recharge an EV with this system, the vehicle pulls up to the charging station and parks over a floor-mounted parking block.  An adapter fitted to the vehicle and the generic levitra parking block both contain metal coils that become aligned by magnetic sensors.  The control tower for the charging station converts electricity into the right frequency for the charger and when the coils are aligned, the electricity creates a strong magnetic field in the parking block's coils that induces a flow of electricity in the coils in the vehicle's adapter, which charges the battery.

Induction is what's used in electrical transformers and has been used for charging smaller devices like cell phones and electric toothbrushes, so it was only a matter of time before we saw it used in EV charging.

The company is running a pilot program throughout the best prices on brand viagra year and hopes to commercially release the system next April.  So far, Evatran has been able to achieve an 80 percent efficiency with the induction charging, but hopes to hit 90 percent by the time production units are released.

via PhysOrg

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Great idea
written by Dave, July 30, 2010
It's works on such simple electronic principles, I'm kicking myself for not having thought of it. My only concern is, what if you have a pacemaker? or a laptop? How strong is this magnetic field we're talking about?
Great idea - not
written by Erin, August 01, 2010
Recharge your battery and get a free cancerous tumor. What a deal!

written by another Dave, August 01, 2010
Yes indeed - what about electromagnetic radiation - if it's analogous to cialis no rx next day a transformer, and there are coils involved, there is probably significant EMR and one might not like to be anywhere near it.
written by richard, August 01, 2010
Great idea, the only question as with conventional electric plugin stations is how much infrastructure will the whole idea need; and will the car industry eventually see it as a great idea...
written by Thomas, August 01, 2010
"Recharge your battery and get a free cancerous tumor. What a deal!"

Were you planning on sleeping under your car at night?
not eco friendly
written by some guy, August 01, 2010
i thought the whole point of ecogeek was to highlight new energy efficient technologies and it's great! best prices on viagra techniques. methods using induction can require quite a bit more power just to charge the same device with wires. this isnt eco tech. its just a cool idea and should be labeled as such
Great idea!
written by ines, August 02, 2010
Let us know how the pilot program is going. I'm very curious to know its results.
I agree with some guy
written by Matthew, August 03, 2010
80% effeciency is non generic levitra unacceptable and their target 90% isn't much better.

Is it cool tech? not really. This definetly isn't the first time I have heard of this charging method; not even the the best place viagra usa first time for EV's.
written by dude, August 08, 2010
Wouldn't this affect the computer on i use it generic viagra online pharmacy the car?
written by JP, August 10, 2010
Sure, I can use to charge my sonicare toothbrush; or to activate the turn only arrow in traffic lights; but in my garage I can plug the car and not lose any efficiency.
Great old idea
written by Emmanuel, August 11, 2010
In fact Evatran (re)delivers an old concept developed by the Praxitel project in 1997, an experiment of public car sharing in France.
Good to see that without reinventing the wheel, we can do some interesting progress....
written by Slowking, August 11, 2010
Really? If we are willing to lose 20% energy, just because we are to lazy to plug a car into an outlet, we deserve to die as a race.

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