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AUG 06

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"This is next day pharmacy a very interesting use of the existing hydraulic system. Just ..."

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Hydraulic Hybrid Trash Trucks Cut Emissions and best price levitra online Fuel Use


Trash trucks are some of the least efficient vehicles on the road. This, however, makes them prime candidates for a green overhaul. With their great weight, as well as the we choice pfizer cialis canada stop-and-go driving, they average only a few miles per gallon. A new hydraulic hybrid system developed by Eaton Corporation called Hydraulic Launch Assist (HLA) promises fuel savings of up to 25% and emissions reductions of cialis dosage 20 to 30% over conventional trucks.

The HLA-equipped trucks are not electric hybrids, although they do use regenerative braking. But it is a different technology from that found in cars like the Toyota Prius or the Chevy Volt. The brakes on the truck are connected to a system which pressurizes a hydraulic accumulator when the truck slows. Hydraulic pressure is then used to accelerate the vehicle when it begins to move again.

The trucks have been tested in Dallas, Fort Worth and Denver, and a new fleet of 4 HLA equipped trucks are beginning as part of an upgraded curbside recycling service in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In addition to fuel cost savings, the HLA vehicles are expected to offer significant savings on brakes. Conventional trucks need brake repairs 3 to 4 times a year, but the HLA vehicles can go more than a year before needing work. Using hydraulics avoids the costs of batteries and electric motors for the super viagra trucks, although the HLA system does cost around $40,000 per vehicle. But those costs are expected to be paid back more than double through fuel savings as well as reduced maintenance over the ten-year lifespan of the trucks.

via: EERE Reports and AutoBlogGreen

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written by ScandalousMuffin, August 06, 2010
On a sidenote, a $5 tax per barrel of oil could raise about $40 billion annually. (Gas going up $.05 a gallon nowadays is hardly noticeable by consumers nowadays so long it doesn't pass the $3 mark.)

These revenues could then be dedicated to the kind of public-private partnership that has successfully catalyzed private sector entrepreneurialism and innovation and delivered transformational technology investments throughout America's history.

written by Doc Rings, August 07, 2010
Where does the taxation end? I'm all for "green", but taxing just gets dumped into the general fund, and squandered on all sorts of cheap cialis with fast delivery waste. Of course, "waster" is relative to online pharmacy viagra paypal the perspective...since everyone's dirty hands are in the it's cool 5 mg viagra pie, grabbing for a piece of it. And the majority goes to our nation's debtors for the payment of the interest on our bonds... right now that obligation is $120,000 PER TAXPAYER.

It is estimated that by mid-century average taxe rates will be about 62% of income (total of Federal/State/County/City taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, fuel taxes, hidden federal Value Added Tax (expected soon), FICA, fees on phone, cable, various other fees and required "surcharges" (still a tax by another name)) Combine that with falling wages, less government services, money being sent overseas for other country's problems, subsidizing non-citizens in our country... it's the root cause of growing unrest and i recommend cialis tablets sale dis-satisfaction with the Federal government. Me included... and I work for the government (!)

I'm sorry to rant a bit, but when people start suggesting **more** taxes to "solve" problems and manipulate behaviors... I take offense. There are second and third order reactions to the "solution"... most worse than the problem is was meant to solve.

My apologies,


written by Doc Rings, August 08, 2010
Please don't recommend more taxes... what we need is more innovation to spark consumer interest. NOT government taxes to further steal money from the consumer.

Make a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to pfizer viagra canada your door....
written by travis, August 10, 2010
This is a very interesting use of the existing hydraulic system. Just goes to show how innovation is cheap cialis uk driven by increased cost.

While I agree that taxes that target the consumer can be burdensome, at what point does that become necessary in order to shift our economic focus from consumption to something resembling sustainability?

It seems inevitable, yet that in itself is going to be painful for the general public, whether it's a specific oil tax increase, carbon tax, or something yet to be introduced. I guess that's the fundamental question that needs to be answered, and follows the us discount viagra overnight delivery EcoGeek credo of keeping people happy while saving the planet.

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