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AUG 12

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"I am still driving a Chevy S10 EV with NiMh batteries that are 12 yea..."

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GM Exploring Other Electric Vehicles


General Motors is bringing out the order usa cialis online Volt in just a couple months. However, GM is not putting all of canadian pharmacy cialis generic its eggs into range-extended electric vehicle (REEV) technology. GM is also moving forward on viagra side effects battery electric vehicle (BEV) technology, and is planning a series of test fleets of entirely battery powered vehicles across the globe. BEVs, such as the Tesla Roadster or the Nissan Leaf, do not have any capacity to recharge the vehicle while driving, and are limited in their driving range.

The Chinese Chevrolet Sail (photo) is one BEV that already exists as a prototype. Reportedly, Chevrolet will be working with several different cars and will be testing them in various locations across the globe. However, the US is not scheduled to be part of any of these tests.


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written by greenie, August 12, 2010
Wow, I didn't know GM was into electrical cars. Not that I am terribly updated in that area, but still... From seeing how they ran SAAB, and many different brands, I find it surprising.

Very good step towards a reduction of CO2 though
GM to be a market Leader in Electric Cars.
written by Mr Limousine, August 13, 2010
Great to see Automotive companies like GM, listening to the consumer. With petrol prices so high and the effect the follow link canadian generic levitra online pollution from a combustion engine has on the environment, its a step in the right direction, for sure
In love with Volt
written by profilalouminio, August 16, 2010
Everytime I see / read about the Volt, I always come to the conclusion that this time GM has done a lot to produce an electric car well above and beyond competition.
written by kc, August 16, 2010
Testing? again? Am i the only one who's seen the movie "Who killed the electric car?"
Good ol' GM...
written by JCT, August 17, 2010
Exploring a market you would have already owned if you hadn't crushed all those EV1s - bunch of idiots. Wish they'd have completely gone away instead of cheap levitra canada becoming Gov't Motors. Glad e-vehicles are getting another look, but I think I'll pass on anything with a GM badge attached to it.
Still driving an EV1(S10-EV
written by Pat, August 19, 2010
I am still driving a Chevy S10 EV with NiMh batteries that are 12 years old. I need new batteries deparately, but GM will not release the software codes that allow me to use the new battery technology (LiPHo) so my truck will soon die. It is in perfect condition; still looks better than new, but I cannot by replacement NiMh batteries that will fit, as Texico (aka Chevron) bought up the patten rights and shut down the factory making the batteries. As much as I love my truck and the 12 year old technology that GM put into it, I would never buy another GM product based on the lack of customer support. They want the remaining EV1 vehicles to just disappear.

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