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OCT 01

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"I think I found my new dream car. Haha! Seriously though, I don't th..."

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Jaguar Super Performance Car Is Also Super Green

Jaguar's latest concept vehicle C-X75 is a sleek, beautiful car that even has two small gas turbine engines in back. But despite all the performance features, it is actualy an range extended electric hybrid (REEV) like the Chevy Volt with four electric motors in the wheels, on-board batteries that give it an all electric driving range of nearly 70 miles (110 km).

The C-X75 has amazingly low carbon emissions: a mere 28g/km of CO2. For comparison, the current model of the Prius emits 89g/km - three times as much, although the Prius is best prices on levitra the second cleanest vehicle on the viagra in australia for sale UK Department for Transport list.  Figures for a wide range of vehicles can be found on the EU Energy car emissions site.

Obviously, superior performance is available when cost is not an issue. This is a concept supercar, so there is not a price tag on it, and the actual cost for a car like this would be staggering. But it does show the technological possibilities that can be found with current engineering. The obstacle is how to make it widely available and purchase propecia online affordable.

Getting the highest and most efficient level of performance from the car also will mean not pushing it with the stunning acceleration (0-60 mph/0-100 kph in 3.4 seconds) or blazing top speed (205 mph/330 kph) that the C-X75 can reach. More pictures of cialis costs the car (and further coverage) is available from CNet UK: Jaguar C-X75 hybrid concept is part electric, part frickin' jet.

via: Slashdot and CNet UK

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0-60 performance
written by chris brandow, October 01, 2010
those speed and acceleration parameters shouldn't really be that harmful to efficiency given that they are probably derived from the electric end of things and while not *easy* it is not super hard to accomplish those things either.
written by Sara Fz, October 02, 2010
written by TipThePlanet, October 09, 2010
I think I found my new dream car. Haha! Seriously though, I don't think this will be turned into reality in the next 5 years. Only a few people would be able to tramadol in veterinary medicine afford it and most of them wouldn't really care for the look here buy levitra next day delivery fact that it's green.

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