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NOV 11

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"Any idea if how their "watt stations" work. Do you have to pay to use ..."

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GE Buying 25,000 EVs for Its Fleet

GE has announced that it's making the largest purchase of electric vehicles so far.  The company has committed to buying 25,000 EVs for its fleet.

GE is one of the few large companies that has really embraced the emergence of renewable energy technologies and levitra oral gel has adapted its business accordingly.  In addition to all of the electronics and appliances it's already known for, the company is producing cutting-edge wind turbines, electric vehicle charging stations called Wattstations (pictured above), and other infrastructure.

GE is hoping this large purchase of EVs will help to boost the market for those vehicles and all the related sectors and quicken the speed of adoption of EVs.  The first 12,000 vehicles it's purchasing will come from GM and that lot will begin with the buying viagra from mexico Volt next year.  GE plans to purchase more EVs as other automakers start producing models.

via Huffington Post

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written by Beka, November 12, 2010
Very nice! It's nice to see a company doing something at this scale. It's also a surprise considering that they're selling NBC Universal to Comcast. A show of contrasting issues?
written by Richard Davine, November 18, 2010
This is fantastic news. This is the sort of commerce driven technological paradigm shift that will indeed speed up the production of EV's. Good on GE for capitalizing on and facilitating the EV revolution. I might buy some GE shares.
Buying their own cars?
written by Wouter, November 21, 2010
hmm.. GE produces Capacitors, Electric Motors and WattStations.. so, they're just buying their own products.

Kinda like buying your own CD's to be number one in the charts?

Is it even legal to sell your own products to i use it getting cialis your self via an other reseller?
written by Aubrey Bauman, November 22, 2010
Any idea if how their "watt stations" work. Do you have to pay to use the energy like you do with gas or is it just part of electric bill?

I'm hopeful others will create infrastructures so buying EV's also becomes more relevant to consumers. Both that whole charging station thing is something I still don't know how they'll control...

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