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NOV 22

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"Why take an existing design with all of its weight and online sellers of viagra worldwide structural pena..."

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Toyota-Tesla Venture Produces Its First Car: The Electric RAV4

It wasn't too long ago that we learned that Toyota and Tesla were partnering together to make electric cars.  Tesla would be providing the electric drivetrains and expertise and Toyota would be providing its solid reputation, NUMMI factory and much-needed funding.  Well the partnership has produced its first offspring:  the new RAV4 EV.

The duo unveiled the all-electric compact SUV at the LA Auto Show.  It's planned for a 2012 release and pre-production models are getting 100 miles per charge.  Between now and its release, Toyota is working to ensure that a 100-mile range can be achieved in all climate condition.

Initially it will be sold in California and viagra scams California-emission standard states (Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Oregon, Washington and Arizona).

Elon Musk also stated that working with Toyota and having access to Lexus components has been beneficial to developing Tesla's Model S and potentially an SUV version that could be unveiled late next year.

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written by Holy crap!, November 22, 2010
...they collaborated to produce a car that already existed years ago. The auto industry is so shockingly ridiculous that I just can't stand it. Between Toyota and Tesla bringing back a car that already existed and GM wanting us to forget that they already crushed the EV1 program...these guys are just BOZOs.

I mean, I am excited about this - it's a good direction. But, jeez! This time, will these guys keep the cars or crush em again? Wait, I'll answer my own question:

What would Exxon do?
written by Colloidal Minerals, November 22, 2010
I've been eying the Tesla S for a long time. Right now, I've got a Toyota so this is pretty cool. I hope they get battery power up to more than 100 miles per charge though.
This car was available about 15 years ago!
written by Brent Verrill, November 23, 2010
Yeah, these are pretty much the same specs as the electric RAV 4 from the mid-90's, except the new version is a bit bigger. Oh, and it uses lithium batteries instead of NiMh. BTW, there are still electric RAV 4's on the road getting doing pretty much what this vehicle is supposed to do. BIG FRIGGIN' DEAL!! Now, if they had designed it to get 200 miles per charge, I wouldn't be completely disgusted, just a bit annoyed.

What has happened to EcoGeek's editorial cajones? Call these buffoon's out, will you please?
Electric SUV ?
written by computer recycling and disposal, November 23, 2010
It's difficult to take the levitra testimonial green credentials seriously when the end product is an SUV - an oversized and inefficient vehicle by design that operates in an urban environment whist being overloaded with inefficient off-road overheads.
written by Doc R, November 23, 2010
I need 350 miles... to make it practical to get from where I need to go and back on weekends. Otherwise, I need to own two cars, with two insurance payments, twice the garage space.


Chevy Volt is the transitional platform for now (batteries + ICE generator)
moving forward...
written by J Marshall, November 24, 2010
I actually do levitra professional overnight delivery agree with using the new technology in an existing vehicle. If the vehicle is already proven then you are eliminating most of viagra for sale the questions/problems with an entirely new design and focusing primarily on the important this case the electric drivetrain.
Going backwards, yet calling it green???
written by Poida, November 24, 2010
The Rav4 isn't a good usage of the technology. It's a mini SUV & not a short haul car. Why waste EV potential on a car that is already obese when you can create a icon?

The Prius & Civic hybrids set a new standard. Is Toyota trying to turn the resource wasting & overweight SUV into a green car as a marketing con-job, or are they honestly trying to say:- "if we can do it to this car then any normal car can be converted"???

Dunno about you, but I want a genuine EV that lasts a lot longer on a charge. Yep, I would be happy with one that is very small, after all it only needs to be A to B transport with A/C & music...
Wrong design approach by lazy stupid auto manufacturers
written by Josephus, November 28, 2010
Why take an existing design with all of its weight and structural penalties? This is just stupid or lazy or both. Such a vehicle ends up being a compromise.

Electric vehicles provide the opportunity to revisit the structural design of vehicles, these re-used re-packaged designs are cynical makeovers targeted at low IQ consumers.

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