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NOV 23

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"I'm not that surprised that the Leaf fall short on the battery range -..."

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EPA Gives Nissan LEAF 73-Mile Range Rating

The EPA has come out with its official fuel efficiency ratings for the Nissan LEAF and the battery range rating falls short of Nissan's 100-mile claim at 73 miles.

While the order levitra canada car is designed for a 100-mile range, under real-world driving condition tests, the EPA found it came up short.  Nissan has been forthcoming with the fact that range would vary depending on driving conditions.  The automaker said that in the scenario of sitting in traffic with the heat or A/C blasting, the car will only get about 62 miles per charge (you can check out other scenarios described by Nissan here).

So while the range rating is likely a disappointment for Nissan, the good news is that the EPA gave a gasoline-equivalent rating of 99 mpg city and we recommend buy xanax online 106 mpg highway, making the LEAF the best in its class for efficiency (double the Prius's 50 mpg rating).  The EPA formula assumes that 33.7 kWh is equal to one gallon of we like it cialis fast delivery gasoline.

via MIT Tech Review

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written by Mike, November 24, 2010
This is no surprise. Economy numbers are NEVER the same in the real world for gasoline cars, why should it be any different for a pure electric car?
written by Karen, November 25, 2010
You are wrong. A product must be truthfully advertised, there are no exceptions to this rule. That the economy of gasoline vehicles has been systematically misrepresented to consumers does not provide justification for EV vehicles to click here online pharmacies be misrepresented.

I propose that worst case economy figures be used instead, or perhaps the best way to take cialis batteries should be clearly marked as to the number of electrons that can stored in them (without using dirty tricks like electron compression).
written by Luke, November 25, 2010
Very dissapointing, especially since they were not even close to the mark they originally spruiked.
Not surprised
written by Craig Buckley, November 29, 2010
I'm not that surprised that the Leaf fall short on the battery range - nonetheless - it's still a pretty amazing car. Just my two cents.

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