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DEC 03

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"This pales in comparison to the impact of all his world travel (his en..."

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The Popemobile May Go Solar

The Vatican has made headlines with its eagerness to embrace solar power and online cheap viagra renewable energy efforts in general.  Adding to that, Wednesday, the Vatican announced that the Pope was interested in replacing his gas-fueled Popemobile, with a solar-powered one.

Already the cialis and diarrhea Vatican's main auditorium is covered with a large rooftop solar array and the cafeteria is cooled by a solar cooling unit.  Also, in the works is a 100-MW solar facility on Vatican land outside of Rome.

That just leaves the Popemobile, currently a bullet-proof Mercedes Benz.  Apparently all the Vatican is waiting on to replace it is an auto company willing to build a solar-powered version (complete with the extreme security features).  I'll be interested to levitra tablets see who jumps at the chance.

via Mother Nature Network

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written by Rianne, December 04, 2010
Who says that science and religion cannot be mixedsmilies/grin.gif
God is levitra pill price green
written by Asaf Shalgi, December 05, 2010
Nice to see the ordering levitra pope making an effort.
Well, all that seems left to say here is...
written by Mr Obvious, December 06, 2010
In the name of buy levitra on the internet the Father, the Sun, and the Holy Spirit...
written by Matt, December 12, 2010
This pales in comparison to the impact of all his world travel (his entourage is likely 50+). Additionally one of the single largest environmental impacts would be the Catholic church changing it's stance on birth control, will they do that?

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