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DEC 15

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"It would be helpful (and more credible) if data was included in these ..."

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First Hybrid Street Sweeper Cleans Up NYC

The world's first hybrid street sweeper has begun cleaning the streets of New York City.  The Allianz 4000 is a diesel hybrid that reduces diesel fuel use by 40 - 45 percent compared to traditional street sweepers.

The Allianz 4000 also features two 12v lithium-ion batteries and overnight tramadol 180 tabs $109 an electric traction drive system which, in addition to the diesel engine, both propel the truck and spin the broom at a constant speed.  The sweeper has a top speed of 60 mph so it can travel on highways, but whie on mastercard viagra duty it usually runs at about 3 - 7 mph.

The benefits to the hybrid street sweeper are both the huge fuel savings and the lower emissions that easily fit under any city-wide laws requiring cuts in fleet emissions.

Allianz has yet to bestellen cialis online determine a per-unit cost for the new sweeper.

via Wired Autopia

Images via Allianz

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Ecogeek or EcoTard?
written by indie, December 16, 2010
The vehicle has two 12V batteries charged by a traditional alternator. These batteries are rated at 900CCA. They would NOT be the it's cool levitra and diarrhea batteries that are part of levitra the hybrid drive system.

If you read the specifications, you can see information quite clearly.
What's the power of the electric traction drive system?
written by Asaf Shalgi, December 18, 2010
I'm guessing the 12V batteries propel the broom. So how powerful is the electric traction drive system itself?
Data would be helpful
written by vick, January 03, 2011
It would be helpful (and more credible) if data was included in these articles. What is a "huge" fuel savings? By how much are emissions reduced to warrant a "lower emission" label - ten pounds of GHG/year or ten tons per year?

I see the value of advanced technologies and understand the pricing - but it would be nice to see a side-by-side data comparison between the lowest propecia prices in canada new and old technologies. It would help validate the decisions that are being made in the name climate impact reduction.

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