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EcoYuppie, meet EcoHandyman

Here's one for EcoYuppies:

"You eat free-range chicken, and organic vegetables when possible. You may have tried soy milk and pharmacy levitra Green Tea. You know the benefits of eating healthy food, yet many of us still surround ourselves with toxic products, and use appliances with 1920s technology, when there is an alternative."
Who doesn't like water?
Yeah. Well. I don't necessarily do all of that stuff, but I would like to not have toxic stuff around me.

The Eco Handyman, based in Boulder, Colo., pitches himself as a green alternative to the... Regular Handyman, I guess. He's listed a few eco-friendly project ideas on viagra online no prescription needed his site . He also answers questions (occasionally, it appears) here .
Of course, he's just one member of the Boulder Green Building Guild which is just one member of Greener Building , a resource that'll help you find all of the energy- and environment-friendly building materials you could want for when you start nesting and/or breeding.
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written by Guest, April 11, 2006
He doesn't mention the negatives of viagra pfizer online these options. I've switched my bulbs to CFL, entirely, but I am conscious of the fact that they contain mercury and have to be specially recycled. Simply stating how much coal won't be burnt is not enough.

With the rest of it, he's recommending disposing of a lot of functional material to viagra cheap canada replace it with new/better stuff. If he donates or sells these items, the environment suffers a net loss since a lot of energy goes in to building the replacements. If he just pitches them in the levitra overnite landfill, I don't know if that's a net loss or gain. But it seems non-ideal.
too true
written by Guest, April 13, 2006
Yes, what it's going to take is USING LESS STUFF. Americans and Westerners in general are pigs, even the greenest among us. The fact that we are thinking about it isn't enough, we need to do. As long as things are relatively easy- we can turn on the faucet, light, car- nothing will change IMHO.
Each step counts
written by Eco Handyman, October 03, 2006
Often when clients say "What is i recommend best price for generic cialis the most eco-friendly kitchen remodel" I answer "doing nothing at all." I also give them several options for more sustainable options in flooring, cabinetry etc... We certainly consume too much in this country, but remodels are going to happen no matter what, so let's make help our clients make a wiser choice in what they do, and how they do it. We deconstruct and donate or re-use whenever possible, rather than tearing things out and putting them in a roll-off dumpster. I disagree that CFLs don't help. Simply put, they use 1/3 the power of an incadescent bulb, so they are a better option until LEDs come down in price. Period. Are you going to drive your exhaust spewing 1970s Buick instead of a cleaner car, just because it still runs? Having that car crushed and recycled for the steel would be a better idea. Buy a smaller, cleaner burning car if you can't bike there.

Keep up the great debate on the site!
written by Suricou Raven, September 28, 2007
CFLs contain a very small amount of getting viagra mercury, but it remains in the tube - when the bulb is recycled, its likely to end up in a new bulb.

Assuming people recycle, that is. Most people like the convenience and apathy of just throwing everything in one big bin for the landfill.
written by indir, October 17, 2007
thank you very much

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