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Electric Vehicles Required to Make Sound


Hybrid vehicles are a wonderful development, and it great that they are now routinely seen on roads throughout the world. But electric drive, especially at low speeds, is very quiet; far quieter than a typical internal combustion engine. And while that could be an appealing feature, in some respects it is buy cialis free shipping more of a problem than a benefit.

In pedestrian environments, children, the vision-impaired, and others need the sound of vehicles to help locate them. President Obama has just signed the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act of 2010, which will eventually require that hybrids, electric vehicles, and other vehicles produce some sound to help keep surrounding pedestrians safe.

It's only the first step in the process. The law directs the Secretary of Transportation to "study and establish a motor vehicle safety standard that provides for a means of alerting blind and other pedestrians of motor vehicle operation." So it will be a few years before the requirement is established, and then a few years further, in all likelihood, for the effects of this to hit the streets.

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written by Karkus, January 14, 2011
WORST thing Obama has ever signed.
I won't buy another hybrid if it's forced to make a sound. That's one of the best things about my Prius. All hose "safety" arguments are bunk. Tires make lots of noise already.
Sound production wastes energy
written by fred, January 14, 2011
To produce sufficient sound to be heard clearly, a significant amount of energy is required. This energy use will detract from the fuel economy of these vehicles.

I would like to suggest however, a suitable sound for these vehicles, somthing along the lines of "fap fap fap".
Good idea
written by Amy Thomson, January 15, 2011
I drive a Prius, and I have had to sit and wait for someone to notice me numerous times. I've also nearly hit people who weren't paying attention and walked out in front of my car. I keep meaning to only now discount viagra india buy a bike horn or a bell to ring so that people will hear me and move. I could honk my horn, but that would be rude. So, yeah, some kind of sound when cruising or idling would be nice. Better than a continuous noise would be some kind of pleasant "excuse me" noise activated by a steering wheel-mounted button.
Yeah, I could open my window and shout, but in an emergency that may take too long.
written by Ken Heslip, January 15, 2011
An optional sound would be preferable. I had the idea of sounds being like rewards for driving efficiently/considerately. The better you drive, the cooler sounds you can download in to your car.
written by g2environmental, January 15, 2011
Hybrid cars are indeed appealing to the mass. I think most inventions have their own pros and cons. And the main issue here is safety. Not only for the hybrid enthusiasts but also for the whole population itself. Since these cars are impressively quiet compared to other vehicles, this pose hazards to special populations. They are called special because they need aid through instances like crossing the roads. As for now, the environmental benefits offered by hybrids are excellent. To sum it all up, the pros outweigh the cons.

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written by Doc Rings, January 15, 2011
I completely disagree with the assumption that electrics are quieter than ICE cars. You can't hear my Lexus or my wife's Mercedes idling by...the only noise is tire noise.
Visually impaired people have not been harmed by quiet cars...they use other cues for avoiding low-speed vehicles in city traffic.
written by Doc Rings, January 15, 2011
...Stand by for "Electric Car Sound mods" websites... kinda like the old days when people disabled the womans levitra obnoxious seatbelt buzzers in the 70's (and aren't even required anymore).
Law or not?
written by Aaron, January 15, 2011
So your post indicates it became law, but the links to indicate that it didn't become law by the end of the year and therefore would have to online drug store for viagra be introduced again....

The bill does have a mention of "cross-over speed" which is good, because at that given speed, the car will make sufficient noise of i recommend cheap cialis soft its own and the noise(s) wouldn't be required. Here's hoping that speed is reasonable enough to be something like 40 mph for some cars, but it seems to depend on the particular car / aerodynamics.

@Amy I have an '02 civic and people still cross in front of me without even looking, regardless of how much nose my engine is generic cialis from canada making at the time. Some people are just a little too ignorant of the world around them.
What about existing luxury cars with combustion engine?
written by Robbert, January 17, 2011
This is ridiculous. Among the luxury car segment there are also quite a lot of cars that you won't hear coming.
If my car needs to make sound, I will replace it with the sound of an oncoming steam train or a galloping horse though.
Friends of mine are already looking into the sounds marching soldiers and of civil liberties protest marches. smilies/smiley.gif
written by Tom34, January 17, 2011
I drive sometime an electric car, and often a bike.
It is STUPID to make quiet vehicules make noise.
You should oblige noisy vehicules to be quiet!

A agree that quiet vehicule may have a "pedestrian friendly horn" in addition to the regular one.

BTW. pedestrians should NEVER have to avoid cars. It's cars that MUST care for pedestrians and bikes.

See U,
I can see where they are coming from
written by electrician swansea, January 17, 2011
I think this would be a good idea as the article explains.
can I choose the sound?
written by noisy kid, January 17, 2011
Or can they at least make it something less annoying that today's cars.. so that when 3 year old's drive their Matchbox cars around the dining-room table .. the sound they make while imitating the real cars doesn't drive a parent crazy!!?? ;-)
written by !, January 18, 2011
The effects of loud motoring on national stress levels and urban sleep deprivation isn't widely considered with this issue unfortunately, it detracts from the health of millions (also including the blind)
Stupid, and now it's the law.
written by Eletruk, January 19, 2011
OK, sure I've heard some stories about how somebody ALMOST got hit nby a Prius or EV, and there was a federal study that says quiet EVs are POTENTIALLY more dangerous to passengers. But really, the law should only have been passed it there was EVIDENCE that quiet cars are ACTUALLY more dangerous to pedestrians. Ask the insurance industry, they have actual stats.

Too late now, the law was passed unanimously in the Senate (hard to believe anything could be passed unanimously there) and by 95% in the House.
I tried to start a petition to the President to veto the law and actually wait for evidence, but it got fast tracked and was signed only days after the house passed it.
I hate nanny laws, and this is even worse because there was no evidence this will make any damn difference at all. Unattentive people will still get hit by cars whether they are making noise or not.
written by Ugh, January 19, 2011
Also there is the hearing damage from people turning up their music a great deal on the highways and roads to compensate for the noise from under the hood
written by kreativegreen, January 27, 2011
So at first look this is a stupid idea. This not only will create noise pollution. Its not noise that we need. Drivers just need to pay attention more! It's not pedestrians responsibility. It's the drivers. If you can't drive a car right ride a bike or walk!
More stupid than Bush
written by Erik, January 27, 2011
This is another axample of pfizer cialis uk an idiotic idea put into law by people who have no idea of what they are talking about. I have been riding an Electric Motorcycle for over two years now and not once have I had any issue with people not noticing me when needed.

You would have to be a fairly incompetent driver to run into pedestriands and then claim it was because they did not hear you! If you want to buy cialis where be heard then just turn up your stereo.

Or perhaps this is a valid point, I mean since the horse was replaced by the car there has not been a proper sound to indicate an approaching carriage so perhaps all vehicles regardless of motive power should be legistlated to sound like stampeding horses just to keep pedestrians safe.
written by MH, January 27, 2011
This is the step needed to make EV's mainstream ( for those who were reluctant to join the rest of the world in embracing a cleaner planet) Next will come the entrepreneurs who will design audio systems and record those beautiful exhaust sounds of BMW, Mercedes, Rolls, and Ford F350. Maybe the generic cialis overnight mobile ice cream vendor will be heard again. Or perhaps your favorite sound will be offered for all to enjoy. Gentlemen sound your motors.
They need to make louder fountains...
written by Dave, January 27, 2011 idiots who are texting while walking through a mall won't get wet.

Kreativegreen is absolutely correct, drivers have always been responsible for avoiding pedestrians and pedestrians had better keep their wits about them if they don't want to win a Darwin award.

Make electric cars louder? A typical liberal imbecility.
Crockett and Tubs
written by Stephen, February 04, 2011
If I remember rightly the above-mentioned gentlemen drove around in a fake Ferrari with the correct engine noise being blasted out from hidden loudspeakers. Perhaps electric car makers can offer options like "Ferrari V12" as an optional sound? Maybe Apple could set up a special section in the iTunes store to accomodate?
written by draaft, April 25, 2011
I am living in China since 3 years ago. Electric bikes and scooters are like fish in a tank, going in every direction without sound. Yes, at first it was confusing, but then, in a couple of months, everything was clear. You just "feel them coming" (I bought one 2 years ago, so I am included). And nothing happens "ever".

On the other hand, just cross the border to Hong Kong, and there is that massive sound everywhere: the sound systems for the blinds. Like in London. It is alienating. CRicCRic....CRicCRic....CRicCRic....CRicCRicCRicCRicCRicCRicCRicCRicCRicCRic

That sound is all around the place.

There must be better solutions.

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