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JAN 18

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"why didn't they just switch some of cialis now their diesel to bio-diesel? it wou..."

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L.A. Metro Switches Completely to Alternative-Fueled Buses

The Los Angeles Metro has retired the last diesel-fueled bus in its fleet, now only operating buses that run on alternative fuels.  The fleet is now comprised of 2,221 compressed natural gas (CNG) buses, six hybrid-electric buses and viagra in australia for sale one all-electric bus.

CNG, while not as clean as biogas or electricity, is still far better than diesel.  The switch to CNG means an 80 percent reduction in particulate emissions, and in a notoriously smoggy city like L.A., this will make a huge difference in air quality.  In addition to giving the city cleaner air to breathe, the switch also cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 300,000 pounds daily.

The L.A. Metro is the ordering viagra largest public transit bus operation in the country, with 400 million passengers and almost 1.5 billion miles logged per year.  This transition to only for you canada viagra online cleaner buses has been a long one -- starting way back in 1993 when the Metro decided to only order alternative fuel vehicles -- but by making the switch, L.A. Metro has become the first major public transit agency in the world to convert entirely to alternative-fueled buses.

via Treehugger

Image via L.A. Metro



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written by sarah, January 28, 2011
why didn't they just switch some of their diesel to bio-diesel? it wouldn't have even had to had a conversion and would have been immediately cleaner.

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