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MAR 07

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"Only in Japan, it's a good idea though..."

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Japanese Vending Machines Will Also Offer EV Charging

In just a few months, Japanese drivers can stop at vending machine and get both a soda for themselves and some juice for their EV.  Ten Japanese companies have formed a consortium to install electric car chargers at the site of beverage vending machines across the country.

The consortium includes vending machine operator Forking Co. and Panasonic Electric Works, along with eight other companies that will develop and produce EV chargers to go along with the vending machines.  Within the first year of the project, which will start at the end of this month, Forking plans to install 10,000 chargers at its vending machine sites.

The consortium will pick some new sites to install both vending machines and chargers as well.  Two other companies, SoftBank Telecom and Softbank Mobile, will provide telecom services to connect the charging stations.

By working together, the ten companies are able to cut costs and move forward more quickly, enabling the real cialis without prescription companies to position themselves at the forefront of an EV infrastructure roll-out in Japan.

via Physorg


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written by Eileen, March 09, 2011
Only in Japan, it's a good idea though

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